Quick Thoughts

First, from my daughter’s brain:


Emily wanted to write a letter to her friend Elizabeth. The top is her attempt to sound out the name. Then she asked me to write out the name below, so I did to give her an example. Last, she copied it herself. She turns 4 next week. Kinda cool there.

Some links:

Emily’s schoolwork. She’s big into cartography. And posing.


Ripon: Anew, One.

The title is the motto I always dreamed for a town neighboring where I grew up.

Twenty-Ten ended and Twenty-Eleven began in the best and worst manners possible. Over Christmas, I was sick with strep throat. Yes, twice in two months, yes, diagnosed on the Eve. M followed suit after the holiday, and the lad has a chest cold that I also managed to give him.

Luckily we had family in town to support us, and after Christmas my friends flew in to stay for a week of smiles and laughs. I love those guys and I’m glad they enjoy staying with my family. We conquered Mario Brothers and caught up on Community. We laughed at one another and at the silliness that sprang from my children’s lips. We ate steak and drank beer. Go ahead and try to beat that; you won’t.

Looking ahead, I’m thinking of a regular weekend feature again. I’ve done videos and music. This time I’m going to try pictures. Ideally they’ll all be ones taken on our own camera. We’ll see how far that goes. I do want to be a little more visual at The Fry Side, but I also want to avoid the blogging cliche of starting every post with a picture.

Just like this site, we’ll just see where the experiment goes.

Happy New Year!

And today, Happy Perihelion!