The Pencil Jar

The pencil jar is the key to one’s success. Even though it is full of pens (the only pencil is the teal thing; yes really), it is rightly called a pencil jar. The duo of syllables are needed in the first word. Wouldn’t sound proper without them.

The right utensil for the right occasion is right at hand. No drawers to open. Everything good is in sight and out of mind.

And it has to be a proper jar. Ceramic or glass. The pen has to make a satisfying tink sound when it lands back in it. Metal doesn’t work right. And plastic? No. No no no.

That is what you need.

The only problem I have with my pencil jar? Missing a Sharpie. A basic, black Sharpie is the one pen you always need around and there is absolutely no substitute when it is absent.

Advice from the Fry Side…

Here is the first video in what will hopefully become a weekly broadcast. It is simple advice straight from the mouth of my son. If nothing else, it gives he and I the chance to toy with the latest iMovie ’08 combined with YouTube. Nothing beats seeing yourself on camera, after all!