Well Now…

With Obama sitting at a called 207, and the West Coast hasn’t been tallied yet… we can finally feel free again. We get to be intelligent and thoughtful and considerate.
And while this wraps up, I’m getting a little tequila.

Out For Now…

Okay folks, I’m shutting everything down for now. Work is over, I need to get the kids. I am not going to turn on the television or my computer again (except to play a video game) until 8 p.m. Central Time.
Or, y’know, I’ll let the boy watch the results with me. Early exit polls are coming up soon! Actually, I’m so sick of polls; I want results. So I’ll wait. Otherwise, I’ll just be biting my nails for hours on end while my wife keeps nudging me to stop.

My prediction: Obama. By a lot. As in carrying more states than anyone thought possible. Particularly in places where you can register the same day as voting (as you can out here).

Know hope, ladies and gentlemen!

One Last Chance, California…

This is your last chance, California. Please vote No on Prop 8.
Part of me really wishes I was still registered out there. I want so very much for this not to pass. So many families have finally, officially been created out there. Don’t divorce them for nothing.

I see the court’s ruling as a very good thing for families. Why? It creates more two-parent households. Anyone who’s anyone knows that raising kids is easier and gives kids better chances in life with two parents looking out for them. This, of course, is no offense to all those great single parents out there, it’s just the odds.

The big question: why take away the rights of those who want to create families? That’s what marriage does. It creates a new family, joining two lives together. It is a stable, loving, wonderful way to live a life if so chosen. And it is such a thing that is easily taken for granted by those who have always had a chance to live their dream.

Most of my life, I have known I wanted to be a father. It was just a part of who I am. My career, my life, everything else was uncertain. But fatherhood I knew I was always meant for. Don’t ask me why; it’s just a fact about me.

Now, I absolutely cannot fathom what a desperate life I would lead if where I lived told me that I was unfit to be a father because I have blue eyes. I am sure I would try to live in a place where I was allowed to raise children. However, how awful would that be if I was forced to raise children in a place other than near the family that raised me?

Worse yet, I cannot imagine having that right taken away. That my kids would suddenly no longer be mine, though I am still allowed to love and raise them. What if this decision to take away my kids was founded and funded by a small minority of religious people whose church I am not even affiliated with? Because I have blue eyes, the constitution of my state should be amended to say that I am unfit to be a parent.

Hell would be raised, I say.

The high court of California did not legislate from the bench. No law was passed allowing same-sex marriage. The court found that in reading the basic rights outlined in the California State Constitution, banning same-sex marriage was unlawful. That simple.

The court was right.

Now those who personally oppose same-sex marriage created Proposition 8 in order to alter the constitution itself in order to limit the rights of their fellow citizens.

Vote against reducing rights. Vote against breaking families. Vote NO on Prop 8.

This Is It…

Hey Everyone,
Go vote.

I already did. I lucked out and it was a short line. I dropped the lass off at daycare, then the lad and I stood in line for about 15 minutes. But he and I would have waited 45 minutes if we had to.

The lad behaved perfectly, and when it was our turn, I got to explain how I bubble who I wanted for each office (hint: for President, it started with an ‘O’ and ended in ‘bama’) and then he got to take the ballot and slide it into the counting machine. We each got an ‘I Voted’ sticker and are wearing them as badges of honor this day.

It is a huge thing that we do. It is an act reaffirming our beliefs in being a free people, the people who chose again and again to remain free. It is the defining and unifying aspect of our culture.

I’ve brought my son to our polling place before, and will again for certain. But I think this year will be the first that he’ll actually remember. It will be one for all of us to remember, no matter what.

Vote with reason. Vote with conviction. Vote.

Insight From Planet Karen…

I thought this line was brilliant.

The people of the U.S.A. like to see themselves as the bastion of hope and freedom, fighting against evil and tyranny. That’s a great ideal, but I just want to point out at this time that you can’t play the Rebel Alliance when you are building the Death Star.