Overdue Kids Fix…

I hadn’t realized it, but it’s been nearly three weeks since I last posted pictures of the kids.  As the old saying goes, time flies when you’re starting grad school again.  So here are pictures from last weekend when Mommy took the kids to the zoo and amusement park.  (To keep the home site clean, I’m going to put most of the pictures below the fold.)
“Good morning, Mommy, it’s time to get up!”

Emily - Good Morning

“Let’s scare Daddy by text messaging at age 1.”

Emily - Texting

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Midweek Kids…

Guess who loves the leftover kitchen implements.

And guess who’s ready for summer with her new sun hat.


And, best of all, a great torch has been passed.  That’s my boy and my niece playing the greatest game ever made.



I don’t think he’s too happy that I’ve photographed him losing.

Six Months…

As of today, my daughter is six months old. Half a year. And it almost slipped my mind. The wife and I have been coming to grips with our son’s Kindergarten situation, and we’re wanting to move quickly for his sake.
But back to the little lady. She’s gone from this:

To this:

Before my very eyes. I hardly even saw it coming. She’s now giggling, and smiling, and rolling, and looking at everything. There’s a little personality taking shape in there, too. She doesn’t laugh at me much, but her brother is a riot.

Ah Spring…

In the past week, spring finally arrived to our world up here. It was a rather long and cold winter, and the spring has been nearly nonexistent. After some warmer storms and the ground temperature finally getting to where it needed to be, everything quickly turned green and burst into bloom.

The picture above is the big crabapple tree in my front yard. Of all the plants we have here, it is my favorite. I enjoy trimming and shaping it in the fall, and now see it burst into a single field of white. The tree itself is quite large and wide. Here it is as a part of the whole of the front yard.


This morning I finished my work de-thatching, mowing, and fertilizing the lawn. In the next week I plan to seed it a bit, too. I am not sure just how far I’ll get with more landscaping this summer. There are lots of trees and planters I would like to add to the whole yard. But for now, I think I will concentrate on repairing the planters I have.

There are also two trees that need to be removed. In the second picture, you can see on the right a rather dead-looking plum tree. Surely it was lovely in its heyday, but since then, it has had disease ravage it. Plus, it produces plums, which my family doesn’t eat, so they just wind up rotting on the lawn. I am hoping to replace it with a magnolia and plant a twin magnolia to the left of the crabapple.

We shall see how far any of that gets. I am happy right now to maintain a clean-looking yard, one that I am comfortable to have my kids run barefoot around in.

My next big cleaning trick will be to bathe the cats. Those boys love to play in sinks and bathtubs, but it may be a leap for them to enjoy a cold hose and shampoo on the lawn.

Family of Four…

Ladies and Gentlemen of Radioland, introducing Emily Rose Fryer!(click the pictures for full size images)

Arriving in on March 17th at 11:57 pm, just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day.
Emily is here

Weighing in at 7 lbs, 10 oz.
Emily weight

Twenty-One inches long.
Emily length

Here she is peeking out and cuddling with Mommy.
Emily and Mommy

Baby Emily with her Daddy.
Emily and Daddy

Miss Emily Rose Fryer.
Miss Emily Rose
She’s our beautiful baby girl.

Cheers, world!

Happy Thanksgiving!

TG07 House
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It started snowing up here in the great white north last night, and luckily it was just cold enough to stick. So this is what we got to wake up to. I think it’s grand and makes a great in-your-face to Californians.

After the break are the rest of my pictures for this Thanksgiving post. Maybe I should record myself giving a toast, too. Then it’d be a toast post. Of course, the company holding all this information would be the toast post host. And it goes without saying that you hate that company, so maybe you should have a toast post host roast. This makes me boast more than most.

Michelle’s shaking her head while reading this over my shoulder. I’d better move on, lest I become a ghost. Ta!

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I Am Carefree…

Well, as I’ve posted before about my return to higher education, I am in a radically different place and mindset than I had six years ago when beginning college. So, here is more evidence that I am in the right place to take on my master’s program:hamid.jpeg
What do I care? Really? Actually, I’d love to pull this sort of thing off with my driver’s license next time I have to take a picture (in 2035 or so). At least if I die in some kind of awful mishap, the news will use my most recent school photo:07schoolpic.png

My dear, loving wife said of this picture, “You look like you just said something stupid.”

And I am okay being remembered that way. Toodles~