Rock The Vote!

From my wife:

Hey everyone! Emily is entered into the Star Tribune’s cutest baby contest. The winner is decided by user voting and I need some help!! The voting is only open for 1 day for each of the 10 voting rounds so I need everyone I can get to vote for Emily. If you click on the link below you can register to vote. Emily’s picture is below in case you don’t go right to her page. She is on the very first page.

Thank you!!!


Addition: It appears you can vote every hour, so please do so if you’re inclined!

Television Reflecting Life…

For once, I felt I related to something on tv. I got my wife hooked on The Office, and this week had Jim and Pam at odds with one another. I don’t want to spoil anything, though I have a feeling that fans of The Office are few and far between in my readership. M and I gave one another looks every single time Jim or Pam one-upped one another. Gotta love that, I say.
Thanks, M, for not laughing too hard when I had a cotton ball shoved in my right ear.


November Eleventh holds a strange place in my life.
Two years ago today, my wife and I were married. Twenty-four months and she still hasn’t offed me. Hot dog!

There is also the meaning of Veteran’s Day. Since living in England, the value of it is so very different. I appreciate it more, what a nonsensical and nightmarish time that all must have been for those poor, brave souls lost. It astounds me that there are veterans of that war still alive today. Ninety years since the treaty was signed, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, of 1918, and there is still a small contingent of survivors. Simply amazing and wonderful, and they deserve every possible drop of our respect and gratitude.

And lastly, there is the strange sensation that this day is also marked for my friends. Guys I went to high school with, who I learned to play Dungeons & Dragons with. They’re veterans of a war now.

Growing up, there was always a sense that veterans were old chaps who remember battling in the air, manning mass numbers of ships across the sea, and fighting tooth and nail through Europe and Asia to the rescue of good.

And there were the hidden veterans of Vietnam. It had already been in the history books, tucked in the chapters that still remained after the school year was done. There was a vague sense of guilt surrounding the whole topic, and it was apparently something my parents’ generation knew and felt deeply, but it was lost on their children.

Now, however, the honor is on these young men who are never far removed from my memories of growing up. I don’t know whether to thank them or apologize to them. I doubt that feeling will ever leave me. At the very least we have learned from our collective past and know to give these brave, still living souls our respect and love.

So here are thanks to the ones I know served. Thank you Garren, John, Jon, and David.

Yet Another Reason…

Here is yet another reason I like Obama the way I do.
Also, my wife and I only got halfway through the debate last night (we recorded it) before we needed to go to bed. I’ll write up my thoughts later today when we’ve done it. I have to admit right here, though, that I love how my wife manages to see and find things in this election that I miss and it’s great being able to openly talk about it all.

I picked a winner here, folks, and for no political reasons. Well, other than the fact she makes cute kids.


From my four year old son, right now:
“Dad, we’re eating out?”

“Yeah, we’re going to eat at Target.”

“Aawwww!” (grumbles off)

At this point he’s playing on the floor for a minute.


“Excuse you!?”

I turn around as I say this… to see him tapping his head against a fort made of boxes.

Quickly trying to regain a modicum of composure, “I’ve told you not to use your head like that!”

My wife was laughing hysterically (her words) the entire time. I think the lad may have been right the first time.