It begins anew…

While still unemployed and most of my spare time spent with my family, I do plan to start keeping up with the news again and posting my thoughts and ideas. I’ve been quite out of it since I graduated, having only used the minor of my degree, and even that for an all too brief time.

The Amphitheater has always been a project of mine. What originally inspired me was the wonderful grassy amphitheater next to the music department of CSU Stanislaus. Early on in my studies there, I had a lot of downtime while flailing about, trying to find what I wanted to do with myself. So after late evenings spent practicing and working, I would wander out onto the stage and think of the ancients. I would imagine how the world worked with no electricy, no visual media, no amplification of any kind, and still a person could stand before others and hold them attentive to their every syllable. The greatest of deeds can only be accomplished when great words are attached to them.

Anyway, I hear Austin running the faucet too much. I’ll find something to write about later.