Talkin’ ’bout My Education…

Well, to appease both of my readers’ desire for more gibberish from this site, I am posting up the paper I turned in last night for my Educational Psychology course.  It is a tad incomplete and will be revised later.  The main premise was to create a lesson plan based in the theories we had learned in class thus far.  Also, though, a greater goal for the lesson was to answer the great question, why are you teaching this?  Here is my answer:

The United States is a republic built upon the grounds of an educated middle class.  While what constitutes that middle class may have altered over time (thankfully), the educated portion remains unaltered.  To be educated means not to have come from high-level university attendance or scholarly degrees.  It means to be abreast of the events surrounding one’s life and society and can make common sense decisions.

The great question our society posed, and still poses, to the world is, can people govern themselves?  Time has told that the answer is yes, if they are educated.  Being educated gives the citizens the ability to wisely choose their representatives and laws.  Democracy without education is a mob, one that is led to either tyranny or anarchy.  Ours is one that requires its citizens to involve their minds in their own governance.  This lesson is designed to that end.

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Indexing, Please Wait…

Still no legitimate posting right now. My paper is still being written, and not on its own, so I skirt my standard thinking (about skirts, usually) and find something light and funny. So here is Indexed (found via Mental Floss). Who would have thought I’d even find something to bring it all back to the Ed Psych paper I’m writing. Well, sorta:

Car update: my amazing father in law got the Princess back up and running for the time being, so now it is a slightly less urgent search for a new vehicle. Anyone selling a Focus Wagon with under 50,000 miles on it? I’ll give you a burrito!

Google Knows…

It turns out Google keeps track of what people type into it.  I’d freak out, but then again, I am voluntarily using their search engine.  I am at least reassured about the priority of our society here (top searchers):

  • “Burrito” – United States , Argentina , Canada
  • “Britney Spears” – Mexico , Venezuela , Canada

Burritos > Ms Spears = Damn Straight

Where I’ve Been…

Sorry for the quiet over here.  Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like forever since I’ve actually posted anything.  Here’s why:  the Princess, good ol’ Rusty, my rare two-tone ’92 Corolla sprung a nice fuel line leak some time ago that finally got awful and worse at the end of last week.  I took it in to my father in law and quickly told me that the car was now quite unsafe to drive.  He’s still looking to patch it, but we’ve spent the past three days hopping around and hoping to score a quick car to get me by.
Most of our luck getting in contact with people has been through Craigslist.  The real trick is that most people value their cars far above what they would actually trade in for at a dealer (which is what I go by on Kelly Blue Book).  A couple good leads have panned out to nothing because people wanted up to a grand more than their car could possibly get them from a reputable source.

Anyone in the Twin Cities area looking to sell off their older commuter car?  I would dig a Focus above all, but basically anything with four doors and an engine will do for now.

This is all a very irritating and stressful exercise.  I hate dealing with money over a hundred bucks, plus I’m terrible at haggling, so that makes it tougher.


More Video…

For some time now, I’ve been following the video series On Being by video journalist Jennifer Crandall.  This week’s video struck a chord in me.  It’s intangible.  Perhaps it was because she was there, a part of it.  It could also be because she reminds me a bit of my maternal Grandma.  Something in the voice and mannerisms, I think it’s there.  Of course, it could just be the remnants of the greatest people to ever stride our land.
Please, lend an ear to Gladys Mitchell.