Delving for Peace…

Last Tuesday was the summation of a great number of tough days. Between work, school, home, and plenty of other things piling up. Just when I thought the current day was the worst I would deal with for a while, the next would show up with the kind of grin I usually reserve for myself when I come up with another brilliant joke. So by Tuesday, there was a great din of doubt in ringing in my head about every aspect of my life, particularly my future.
As soon as I arrived home from class that night, the whipped cream to top my fecal pie, I went straight for the basement. The boy was in bed and M was watching television. In the basement, we have a closet under the stairs where we keep a small floor freezer and my small supply of beer and wine. I had my intention for the evening while I was driving home. I had the stereo blaring as loud as possible to drown the noise in my head.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

TG07 House
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It started snowing up here in the great white north last night, and luckily it was just cold enough to stick. So this is what we got to wake up to. I think it’s grand and makes a great in-your-face to Californians.

After the break are the rest of my pictures for this Thanksgiving post. Maybe I should record myself giving a toast, too. Then it’d be a toast post. Of course, the company holding all this information would be the toast post host. And it goes without saying that you hate that company, so maybe you should have a toast post host roast. This makes me boast more than most.

Michelle’s shaking her head while reading this over my shoulder. I’d better move on, lest I become a ghost. Ta!

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From the Inside Out…

This whole week has been nothing but hard on me. It seemed that every time I got up in the morning, I did my best to at least think to myself, “It’s a new day. Chances are it can’t be crappier than yesterday.” Well, thanks to that jerk Murphy, each day was succeeded by stuff even more potent than the previous. But, at least, the week ended on a wonderful note.
I did some decent work on Friday and got to a good stopping point about thirty minutes before I would normally take off. So since my boss didn’t mind, I headed out before all the kids got out. I went and picked up Austin early, which surprised his teachers a bit. However, since he had been telling everyone all day that he was going to a big surprise that night with Mommy and Daddy, they weren’t totally thrown off.

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The Conclusion…

The first.
The second.

I get home to a crazy-to-get-inside Puma and some garbage cans to drag in from the curb. Once in, I take off my shoes and jacket in the entryway and proceed upstairs. There, my wife is lounging in the living room, watching television, curled up in one of our favorite quilts.

I set my bag down and lay next to her on the floor. She smiles and kisses me, still watching television.

E, “What–”

M softly, “In the kitchen.”

I get up and head around the corner to the kitchen. There, on the counter, is something blackened on a plate. Two things. Two corn dogs. Two burnt to a cinder corn dogs. Apparently, the toaster oven won.


PS, Curiosity won too, so I sliced one of the corn dogs open. Turns out that when a corn dog catches fire, the hot dog inside explodes. Strange and interesting sight, for certain.