Devouring Food Prices…

The cover story of this week’s Economist is brilliant. It explains so much so well; everyone should read it. Wonder why milk is so expensive? How good is ethanol? Are we helping or hurting farmers here and around the world? Read it top to bottom, and you’ll get it.
My favorite perspective-endower:

… fill up an SUV‘s fuel tank with ethanol and you have used enough maize to feed a person for a year.

How’s that for putting things into context. And oh yeah, maize means corn in British English. That definitely threw me off when I first got there.

Winter is Finally Here…

Last weekend, we had our first winter storm. What the pictures showed on Thanksgiving was hardly a dusting that melted on the next sunny day. Saturday morning the snow started falling and it didn’t stop until the next day. It was wonderful, light, fluffy stuff.
I was feeling lazy that day and felt like watching the snow fall through the windows of my warm house. However, later it was called to my attention that the mail needed to be retrieved. So, kind chap that I am, I bundled up a bit and headed to the mailbox. Once out my door, I came across something of a surprise.

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For My Boy…

If he could read this, he’d be happy.
Scientists Get Rare Look at Dinosaur Soft Tissue

“When you actually look at the detail of the skin, the scales themselves are three dimensional. . . . The arm is breathtaking. It’s a three-dimensional arm, you can shake the dinosaur by the hand. It just defies logic that such a remarkable specimen could preserve.”

Man oh man, these are exciting times.  Except, you know, when the BBC puts the kibosh on it.