Science Funding…

Science is getting short-changed by the 2008 Omnibus budget bill. Info here.
If you don’t like how things are going, which I’m of the opinion that we ought to stay ahead of the game in science in the US.  Here’s the Uncertain Principles post I found this info in with a link to write to our legislators.  Just fill it all in and send, I say!

Whittling Them Down…

Watching the news this morning (hoping for school closures due to the cold) I wound up listening to the talking heads above the ticker.  They spoke in their briefest of moments, before getting around to an eight-minute segment on hand cream or some other non-news, about the Florida primaries.  I flipped open my computer to check election results.
To my lack of surprise, Rudy Guliani, the most unqualified person in the whole lot of Republican candidates, did not win.  He took third place, which in Florida means he did not earn a single delegate.  This was his all-in bet for his waste of a campaign.

Hence why I am happy Mr Guliani never came close to the highest management position in the country.  This guy apparently thought that by courting retired Jews from New York City, he could win the nomination for the rest of the country.  Even they didn’t buy into it.

And that’s the story of how Florida has redeemed itself ever so slightly.

Oh wait, that’s not my point.  I did want to mention that I am glad that halfway-decent humans seem to be winning the Republican half of these primaries.  I got into a little discussion on that subject with my father here, but I wanted to bring it more to the fore.

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Good fer what ails ya…

My apologies for the dearth of posting the past few days.  I’ve been quite sick since Thursday and only yesterday began to feel better.  Since then, I did the foolish thing of having Taco Bell for lunch, and now feel ill again.
It all rather stinks, since I think I had been doing a better job since the beginning of the year of posting about once a day.  That was one of my silent resolutions.  Even if it was simply a bit of nonsense, I wanted to put something up here daily.

Anyway, back to being sick.  I do want to say bless my wife’s heart for letting me be the sick dog I was.  She is now over thirty weeks pregnant and for days straight pulled off the single-parent routine.  I’m sure I’ll make it up to her somewhere down the line.  Maybe I can be less of a dumbass for a week (I can hear her scoff now).

I completely crashed Thursday and Friday nights after work.  I can hardly believe I managed to get myself up and through Friday at all.  But I pulled it off for the sake of having enough sick days for the baby.  Come Saturday, though, I was gone.  I took some of my favorite drug, NyQuil (aka Night Nurse for my British fans), and went to bed right around six and barely got up at all the next day.

Still, the cure wasn’t the NyQuil.  It helps just knock one out enough to let the body do its own work, really.  But the biggest cure was the season of The Simpsoons I just bought.  My oh my how it did make a difference.  I laid in my quiet, darkened room, watched a couple episodes, and passed out.  Nothing beats that kind of cure.

Oh, and tons of chicken soup and drinking lots of water.

Insure This…

Last week, I got a call from my insurance agency.  They requested that I come in for a brief meeting to talk about my auto insurance options, since I will be turning twenty-five in less than a month.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, twenty-five is the magic age when I become an actual adult.
The United States is a funny place.  I can vote and be drafted and am legally an adult at age eighteen, but I cannot drink alcohol until I am twenty-one.  Then, finally, at twenty-five insurance and car rental companies consider me a proper adult and can afford and use their services.  Personally, I see twenty-five as the age when I can be elected to the House of Representatives.

Anyway, I make the appointment for this past Tuesday.  It is still a free afternoon until my Masters class start up again in two weeks (making my academic load three night classes a week).  On Monday afternoon, I got a ring double-checking that I was still planning on coming in.  I said that I was and hung up.

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A Desperate Plea…

Some time ago, complete seasons of The Simpsons were going for twenty bucks at Target.  I’m sure it has been nearly a year at this point.  I passed up the chance to pick up a couple more (fifth and sixth at least) due to holding back for financial reasons.  I tend to delay most obviously frivolous gratifications for the sake of, you know, food.
And I deeply regret my actions.

There has been a void in my life because of not getting those.  I have wanted to collect The Simpsons through the eighth season for a long time.  Those were the best years.  The show is currently nothing like it used to be, and it makes me a little sad that kids today think that The Simpsons Movie was the high point.

Here is my plea: please, dear readers, keep your eyes peeled for twenty-dollar Simpsons seasons.  It doesn’t matter where they are, though I do prefer Target for its discount.  Please be my eyes and ears in this.  It is my quest.

“We’re on a mission from God.”

What I Think…

I know not many care what I think, but here it bloody well is.
If you do not know how to use the computer technology before you, do not use it.

Here’s my dilemma.  I work in a school, and all too often, I see teachers lose student information constantly.  Constantly.  All because they don’t know what they’re doing.

Twice in two days, I have had to help salvage student grades because some teachers cannot handle clicking a mouse or understand how saving a file on a computer works.  So I’m having to recover files, fetch broken links, and listen to sob stories of how they are constantly redoing their work.

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