There Will Be Sex For Money…

If I hear one more thing about the Governor of New York’s little scandal, there will be violence.
I don’t care.

I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care.

It is entirely Mr Spitzer’s affair (pun entirely intended).  It affects him and his family.  But he’s just another wealthy, relatively powerful person paying for high-priced sex workers.  It barely has any bearing on the state of New York, and it certainly means nothing to me out here in Minnesota.  I’d rather hear about the ice melting and people crazy enough to wear shorts and t-shirts in 40-degree weather.

It’s nonsense and drivel.  There are so many other things on the line in the world, this is a distraction.  Good golly, we’re still fighting an unjust, colonialist war that we started.  A colonialist war!  How about the biggest, most idiotic, most anti-American thing to do, and it’s been FIVE YEARS.  We are the original anti-colonialists.  We sparked it all.  Between ourselves in the New World and the French in the Old, we set the world on fire.  Why aren’t we spending our time discussing this!?

So nuts to this guy.  He resigned; good for New York.  It still means nothing to me.

As for prostitution, my thoughts are that there will be no way to stop the world’s oldest profession.  And frankly, having it legal or at least swept under the table, is fine.  To me, it beats the shit out of rape.

So Far, So Crazy…

Sorry for the lack of posting the past few days.  Well, at least it feels like I haven’t done much of anything.
We got tons of new computers for replacing the labs, so this week has been a stripping out of the old and setting up of the new.  I haven’t been at my computer much (which reminds me, I need to do my Psych quiz here quick) because of being out of my chair and breaking my back under tables for four days.

Also, since these new computers have the Leopard Mac OS, I decided I better get that on my lappy forthwith.  But the Leopard install disks I have are intended for iMacs only.  Well, I went ahead and did it anyway, and lo and behold, I killed my precious compy.

It was dark times not having all my favorite distractions at my fingertips.  I felt out of touch with the world and myself.  I was like an animal, lurking onto other spare machines just for glimpses of email and news.  Any and every movie depicting what humans would be like after a nuclear war: dirty, scrounging, out for only himself; that was what I became.  No exaggeration.

Ah, but this afternoon, my brilliance shined through.  I pulled off installing the new operating system and salvaging all my old programs and links.  I’m in the future, baby!  I feel so fast and sleek.  You know every movie depicting the glorious, streamlined future when man still dominates his vast machinery?  That is where I am.

Good stuff.

Should I…

We’re installing new labs out here, and now I’m tempted to convince a few Sixth Grade classes that because the computers are so much more powerful now, they need to wear tin foil hats.  Should I, or should I?

Video For Thought…

When’s the last time you heard a legitimate politician say such honest things?  Think about it.


Remember not even ten years ago?  The Clintons are liars and, dare I say it, selfish monsters.  In my brief lifetime, I have never lived under an honest leader I am aware of.  Other than my parents, of course.

No wonder I lean most toward libertarianism.