Brief Hiatus…

Things may be quiet around here for a bit.  I’ve got presentations and papers due in the next week, plus family coming in.  And frankly, the infrequency of us seeing any family outside of Minnesota means their presence trumps nearly everything else.  Hopefully I’ll be walking away from all of this semester’s nonsense cleanly and life will be easier.

Sullivan Reassured Me…

This post from Andrew Sullivan reassured me a bit.  The way the media behaves toward politics, and my lack of any affinity with the mainstream media, is quite obviously a factor of the generational argument and split.  I cannot really think of a time I’ve watched pundi-TV and been less than irate at what they said, let alone agreed with the point being made.  Actually, I cannot really point at a time when I felt the point was even relevant.
So, I am reassured.  And I am going to keep on not caring about what is said on television.  And I am going to keep hoping, and keep voting for the person I feel moves us past the two decades of Bush and Clinton.

Oh, and as a PS to Mr Sullivan’s post, the Weather Underground does sound like a 60s/70s band.