Quiet After the Storm…

I haven’t blogged about the results of the Pennsylvania primaries because, well, I’ve been busy.  Plus what came out of Pennsylvania is what I dreaded: enough of a win to justify the Clintons remaining in this hair-pulling race.  What I think it really showed is the huge disparity between those over and those under the age of forty.
How wonderful for those older folks to remember with solidarity all the victories and successful endeavors of Ms Clinton.  I know she has done so much for helping the Gay community, the poor, the whole of World Peace.  And let’s not forget about women.  Playing the gender card, claiming the boys are picking on her, crying for the camera (make sure it was zoomed in to her better side!), and being married to the right guy has all done so much for the advancement of the female half of our population.

Nevermind that winning without a consideration of what group or minority one belongs to is an actual victory.