Gone for a Bit…

I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for a week or so. I finished work for the school year last week, then had my mum in town for a few days. Now I’m getting myself settled into a summer routine with my children. I have some projects I want to get underway, as well as my own classwork to complete. I know I haven’t really blogged heavily, but namely I want to have fewer things on my mind for a while. I’m even turning off my news feeder for the time being.
I will start back up in earnest on the 23rd, hopefully with more gusto than I’ve had before.

Not Even Fair…

This morning while running errands, the Lad and I were listening to classical public radio. Great stuff, especially out of our station here in the Twin Cities.
As usually happens, a song will play that I am familiar, but the name of the composer or tune slips my mind. I start yammering off names in the hopes of trigger some kind of association in my mind. The Lad next to me, through the whole thing, just starts denying any chance that I could be right. He’s a pleasant comrade to have with on our various endeavors.

So the song ended, and luckily the voice on the radio stated, “That was ‘Procession of the Nobles’ by” and there goes the Jeopardy buzzer in my mind and I holler out,

Of Korsakov!

The composer was Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, of course. It didn’t even dawn on me until a couple minutes later that my mind, without my intervention, had created a thought in pun form.

Sometimes I even sicken myself.