Migration Completion…

The migration of my blog to fryside.com is complete. The site is still under some construction, to use an ancient web 1.0 term. Mainly, I’m missing an archives page. Other than that, all systems are go. Ebfryer.com redirects to this url now, so bookmarks shouldn’t be affected. Feeds will be, however, so again if you use an RSS reader of any kind, you’ll need to resubscribe.
I’m really happy with the move and glad to get more control over what I can do. I can tweak themes, add many more pages, as well as use tons of cool plugins, most of which will be behind the scenes. Don’t worry, I won’t clutter up my site. I think most of you know that I am not a fan of clogged up spaces.

I do need to give be thanks to my friend Josh for lending me the actual space on the web to put all my nonsense. He’s my go-to higher-echelon tech man and good friend to boot. With his help, this place shouldn’t run into too many outages. Though on that note, we are on some brand spanking new servers and service, so there may be occasional downtimes that are beyond either of our controls. Not to fret (or give too much hope), I am not going anywhere.

Forecast This…

Overnight: Clear, with a low around -23. Wind chill values between -35 and -40. Northwest wind between 7 and 9 mph.

Thursday: Sunny and cold, with a high near -6. Wind chill values between -32 and -42. West northwest wind between 7 and 10 mph.

Shut down the schools already; half the state already has!

A Little Quiet…

Posting has been a little light here because I have finally had a chance to work on my new The Fry Side site. It’s actually live, www.fryside.com, but I still consider it beta for the sake of me constantly tweaking it throughout the day.
So far, I’ve migrated all the posts, comments, and pictures from here. The broken piece of it all are my old video links. The coding for them isn’t a standard embed, but something that WordPress.com interprets for browsers automatically.

I’m uncertain whether it’s a good thing to take my main site off of the url that’s my namesake or not. But for now, it has worked out to keep my sites live while transitioning. The other thing is that with the URL change, those of you using RSS readers will need to subscribe again.

My goal is to be fully transitioned by the weekend and embed my first weekend video at this new locale. By then, also, anyone navigating to ebfryer.com should be forwarded right to fryside.com so very little should throw anyone off. I’m big on making things easy. And if not, just let me know in comments or via email.

Eight Long, Tiresome Years…

After eight long, tiresome years, President Al Gore won’t be missed. Even if he did save the planet

No one thought Al Gore would be a loveable president, but, after eight years in the White House, he has gotten truly tiresome. The droning voice, the purchase of an eco-friendly robot dog, the campaign for carbon-free diamonds – all these things were hard to take, and he has been way too smug about reversing global warming. I think we’ve gone too far in the opposite direction, especially in light of the glacier that recently crushed Wasilla.

(Found via 3quarksdaily.)

Testin’ and Embeddin’…

Distant Beeping…

Sitting down at dinner tonight, thinking of all the shoveling I have to do since the weather gods dropped three inches of snow, I heard a beeping or ringing of some kind off in the distance.

Me: What is that?

My Wife: Huh?

A Hungry Lad: [Face down gobbling a plate of grapes.]

Me: What is that noise out there? An ice cream truck?

M: No… [Stares at me in that special way.]

Me: Well, is that your phone?

M: No, honey.

Me: [I keep hearing that rhythmic beeping noise.] What on Earth is that noise?

M: Try a plow.

Me: Ooohh. Yeah, I suppose it would be.

M: [Laughing.] And now you have to blog this.