Go Robot…

Slip, Slip, Sliding…

Here’s how life changes when the weather gets just a touch warmer out in my neck of the woods.
This morning, I let the kids sleep in a bit since we were up late last night having dinner with family. The Princess woke up about 30 seconds before I was planning to do it. And really, she’s the sweetest girl on Earth. When we got to her daycare, there were just two other babies in the room, one of whom was crying lots. So when she got the chance, Princess crawled over to him and laid down on him, giving him a hug, and he stopped crying! The lack of a camera really was a shame. We have a future doctor on our hands, I say!

As for the Lad, well… At the daycare, the sidewalk everywhere except right in front of the door was a sheet of ice. So he and I got out of the car, and as I was getting ready to pull the Princess out, I heard the Lad crying.

I closed the door and ran around the car to find him lying on the ground holding his head. I quickly walked toward him and promptly fell on my ass. Then I basically crawled up to my knees and held him in my arms. He was okay. Didn’t even face-plant; I think he fell sideways and bonked his head a bit.

We got inside (by walking through the parking lot, not the sidewalk) and he had perfect behavior. Nice and calm and polite. Thinking about it now, I wonder just how hard he hit his head.

Lastly the Lad and I had our doughnut day and everything is just swell.


Sorry for the light posting this week. The happy little elves in my head (as my dear wife have deemed them) have been overly enjoying the extra rest gained from the Lass sleeping through the night. I plan on whipping them back into shape this weekend.
Oh, just to clarify, these elves are more like Dobby than Legolas.


I just spent half a day (at random intervals) trying to figure out why a new coworker couldn’t access her email.
First I had to figure out the new default password convention. Then I had to figure out the numeric portion of the password.

I tested it. I got in. I logged off and passed the information to her. Success!

She comes back later. Something’s not right. She has had no success.

Oh, well this morning the mail servers were down for a bit. I logged into her email on my machine. Success for me again. We double-checked the password and I wrote it down again on a new sticky note and passed it along.

She hops over to another computer station in the room and logs into her email. Almost.

I look over her shoulder. Username was correct. What are you typing in for your password? This, this, 2…

Two? Uh, that’s an ampersand. I don’t know what that is. (Like a grammarian checking the price of a car: stickler shock!) It’s the & right here, just press shift-7.

Oh. Shift on this and this? No, just the &, shift-7. Okay, thank you. No problem.

My chest hurts.


I know writing an ampersand can be difficult. It’s not a commonly used symbol anymore. But I write a good one. Why? I actually spent the time practicing it and intentionally using it in my notes. It is clear and unmistakable, unlike the rest of my handwriting.