More Evidence I’m a Twit…

  • I’m off to a gig at a cemetery. Should be fun! #
  • Dear craigslist, thanks for taking my old crap. Yours, Evan. #
  • My new phone is so close… c’mon world, deliver! #
  • Always the debate raging in my mind whether to start a row. #
  • @mfryer I don’t think I want to open up the can of worms unleashed by auto-search Twitter bots. in reply to mfryer #
  • Lol, I just realized: On Twitter, the Autobots are the bad guys! #
  • @mfryer Just get what I like and bring it home for dinner =D #
  • Really, world? Really? Get to have the sniffles again? I almost finished the school year healthy. #
  • @jzeller There have just been a few atheist writers coming out with books in the past couple years that have drummed up more discussion. in reply to jzeller #
  • Looks like my phone awaits me at my doorstep. #
  • @jzeller Allergies? in reply to jzeller #
  • @ExpoMarkers Tell them to stock Uniball needle point pens. And to give my wife a raise. in reply to ExpoMarkers #
  • Hey Claritin, get to work! #
  • Busy morning. Lots of things breaking. So much for me getting my grad school business done. #
  • @doctorstine Works perfectly. I took M’s old one that has the constant error popping up. We’ll see how long I last with it. in reply to doctorstine #
  • @doctorstine It’s a hardware issue. Something is wrong with the USB port that makes it think something foreign is connected. in reply to doctorstine #
  • @ExpoMarkers Fine, I think I can accept that. Still, Target’d benefit much to have her on board their office supply marketing department. in reply to ExpoMarkers #
  • @doctorstine That’s crazy. I’ve never once had an issue with the Brown. in reply to doctorstine #
  • @doctorstine Have fun with the ibuprofen! in reply to doctorstine #
  • @valecp M and I watch that one and Top Chef together. I really don’t know how I’m not queer. in reply to valecp #
  • @valecp @doctorstine (hands card over) Dang. in reply to valecp #
  • If you give an assignment that leaves 1/5 students still working after school following a week of work, your assignment has faults. #
  • I just downloaded a Bob Ross video to share with colleagues. These people did not watch enough TV during their youths. #
  • I think I’m making myself sick from drinking soda. #
  • My day is better now, thanks to Bob Ross. #
  • I don’t know why I don’t speak up when I really ought to, especially to kids unknowingly being rude. #
  • @doctorstine Yeah. These kids weren’t doing any harm, but when you’re bagging groceries, you don’t examine what was just purchased. in reply to doctorstine #
  • @valecp These were maybe Jr High age kids, so they really didn’t know any better and it didn’t bug me. I just should’ve piped up. in reply to valecp #
  • My boy is damn funny. #
  • @doctorstine Big happy birthday to the great big Little E! in reply to doctorstine #
  • I just did something I don’t know if I should Twitter about. #
  • @mfryer World, read my wife’s previous tweet. in reply to mfryer #
  • There are actions I now take in life that are far beyond my own comprehension. #

Midweek Kids Fix…

Spring is here, a-Spuhring is here,Life is Skittles and life is beer…

How to know that Spring has finally, truly sprung out here.

2009 - Crabapple

Of course a big, dry windstorm knocked that all out, but at least we had about 3 days of beautiful white blossoms.

So far the kids have been having fun coming out in the fresh air.

Kids - Spring09

Kids - Spring09-2

Of course, Spring weather brings the cats out of the house too, to romp and to play and spend all their pent up energy.

Cats - Spring09

Or they’ll just lounge together and do absolutely nothing.  At least they’re just like the lions spotted by the kids at the zoo previously.

Zoo - Lion

And unrelated to Spring except for the buoyancy of my daughter’s hair sporting the double Who do!

Emily - Double Who

More Evidence I’m a Twit…

  • Too tired to think. Time to finish my beer and really slow down the ol’ neurons. #
  • My arms and shoulders are still sore from all the work I did yesterday. #
  • I really hope tonight pans out. I can’t wait to get our new stuff up and running and not get ticked at my phone anymore. #
  • My weekend has caught up with me; it’s time for a nap. #
  • So much for getting my own work done this afternoon. I’ve been discovered after hours at work. #
  • Why can’t I just sleep? I couldn’t last night, but now I can barely keep my blood-shot eyes open. #
  • @jzeller Amen to that! in reply to jzeller #
  • Have you ever eaten anything that tastes just like chicken? I know I haven’t. #
  • I am now the proctor doctor. #
  • Now what to do? #
  • @OfficeSupplyGee @mfryer She’s just bummed because she loaned her Kuru Toga to me and hasn’t seen it since! =P in reply to OfficeSupplyGee #
  • There are a bunch of things I need to catch up on tonight, but I think the winner will be sleep. #
  • @babyrabies Amen. To. That. in reply to babyrabies #
  • Looks like I won’t be resetting my internal clock tonight. Oh well, time for dinner at 9pm. #
  • I’m getting tired of how often I feel overwhelmed. Maybe another of my life’s dreams/goals is not to be. #
  • And honestly, 90 degrees today? Seriously? It’s still spring, bring back the 70s! #
  • The Super Nintendo’s here! Everyone look like you learned! #
  • @mfryer Well, yeah, I’m not. But it was mostly just an adaptation of a Simpsons line. in reply to mfryer #
  • It is not my fucking job to call the company supporting something I was never trained to do. #
  • I’m severely tempted to go get a burrito for lunch. #
  • Yeah, I need to take over the recording studio. Other people screw my setup royally. #
  • Hunting for a good deal on an iPhone is a pain in the ass. #
  • Once again, the forces of nature have caused me to eat my own words. Number two has been located and purchased. #
  • @mfryer That’s so unfortunate, hon. in reply to mfryer #
  • @valecp Oh yeah, hella! I wish I could remember them all. At least I got paid to be at my graduation. in reply to valecp #
  • My kids shouldn’t be allowed to make a single noise until 6:30 in the morning. #
  • Plain text is the best way to compose on a computer, and I will have my students use it once I am a teacher. #
  • @valecp Yes, Val, composition takes many different forms. Though I’ll still be damned if I ever have to compose using Finale. in reply to valecp #
  • @valecp Yup, I’m doing an accelerated online teaching licensure program. Very cool and overwhelming at the same time. in reply to valecp #
  • @mfryer Thank goodness! in reply to mfryer #
  • W00t! Nearly caught up with one of my classes (I would be caught up but I found an extra assignment not on the syllabus.) #
  • I say if we all pitch in, we can offer $10 million to the person who invents unstainable children’s clothing. #
  • PB&JFTW! #
  • @chickmcgee1 Watch baseball and nap? in reply to chickmcgee1 #
  • Parenting is hard. I broke my son’s heart by accidentally ripping some stuff he taped to a book. You can’t tape things to books! #
  • @doctorstine Peanut Butter and Jelly For The Win! in reply to doctorstine #
  • Posted up kids’ pictures. Go look and appreciate and comment if you wanna. #
  • Scrambled eggs and fried toast = mighty good breakfast. #
  • I’m going to lose it if my son keeps whining. It’s been a day straight now. #
  • My tool box didn’t have duct tape in it?! I hang my head in shame. #
  • @valecp I thought you said pattin’ your boom, and I thought, why are you testing an overhanging microphone and why do you have one at all? in reply to valecp #
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful wife! She’s a wonderful 25 now and plans to stay that way. Love you, hon! #
  • Strawberry and sausage don’t get along. #
  • Ketchup in a squeeze bottle is an affront to the senses. #

Overdue Kids Fix…

I hadn’t realized it, but it’s been nearly three weeks since I last posted pictures of the kids.  As the old saying goes, time flies when you’re starting grad school again.  So here are pictures from last weekend when Mommy took the kids to the zoo and amusement park.  (To keep the home site clean, I’m going to put most of the pictures below the fold.)
“Good morning, Mommy, it’s time to get up!”

Emily - Good Morning

“Let’s scare Daddy by text messaging at age 1.”

Emily - Texting

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Psyching My Cycle…

Maybe I should try this to stop waking up so tired. I have been eating food a little too late.

Simply stop eating during the 12-16 hour period before you want to be awake. Once you start eating again, your internal clock will be reset as though it is the start of a new day. Your body will consider the time you break your fast as your new “morning.”

For example, if you want to start waking up at 2:00 am, you should start fasting between 10:00 am or 2:00 pm the previous day, and don’t break your fast until you wake up at 2:00 am. Make sure you eat a nice healthy meal to jumpstart your system.

Another example: If you are travelling from Los Angeles to Tokyo, figure out when breakfast is served in Tokyo, and don’t eat for the 12-16 hours before Tokyo’s breakfast time.

(Found via Zen Habits.)

More Evidence I’m a Twit…

  • When reading a string bass part on Bari Sax, how the hell am I supposed to play pizzacato? Arco I can do. #
  • Considering how rough my morning was, I think this afternoon should rain beer. Good beer. #
  • Still pissed about yesterday: Time taken off from work, 7 hours; Time spent on one DMV transaction: 5 hours. #
  • Of course, the chaos of getting the kids ready this morning turned into me not remembering a lunch today. Dag, yo. #
  • I think I need to sleep. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling so crummy? #
  • If I had a hammer, I’d hammer my way out of this day. #
  • I think we should all begin our days with rousing games of musical chairs. #
  • Option+Command+Click on Desktop is my friend. #
  • I need to start making money playing my horns so I can buy reeds for them. #
  • How the heck do I check my phone, have no messages, and then it buzzes me once back in my pocket? #
  • Damn you, Appleworks! #
  • The technical term for “A watched pot never boils”: Hydrotherma Temporal Displacement. #
  • Mel Brooks is the best at timing curse words. #
  • Mein Kopf schmertzen. #
  • What a week. I get to try to figure out why my son’s wetting the bed while I discipline him for lying to me all the time. #
  • Big decisions, big decisions… #
  • So, who else has an iPhone to sell me? The wife and I need a matching pair! #
  • I need a do-over on this week. I’m behind on everything except testing kids at school. Hot damn. #
  • Ever feel like you’re standing so close to a concrete wall that it envelopes your entire peripheral vision, blocking all motion and focus? #
  • Holy crap, am I really trying to install Internet Explorer on my Mac as an act of desperation? #
  • Damn Windows-based RealPlayer won’t run on CrossOver. Oh, and damn RealPlayer in general. #
  • I wonder if I just microwaved my lunch in a plastic container that will now poison me. #
  • “I’m gonna drive a golden spike where your Union meets your Central Pacific!” #
  • I got a new lawnmower, and it’s sweet! #
  • Oh and it’s raining right now, so I can’t use it. #
  • I need to blog. And journal. And remember to keep breathing. #
  • “That’s going to chafe my willy.” A line from Robin Hood Men In Tights. #
  • For those of who you subscribe via text messaging: Buzz Buzz! #
  • I’m stupid, apparently. #
  • Rolling Rock will always be my cheap beer of choice. #