More Evidence I’m a Twit…

  • Monday's Oddity: "Hey, don't draw with your banana!" #
  • Monday's Best: Taking the holy communion; beer and hot dog at the ballgame. #
  • I've been in my tech meeting for 5 minutes and already I desperately miss Moutain Dew. #
  • Anyone want to get me a bagel? A good one? #
  • I cannot remember the last time I ate a Bugle. Thems is good. #
  • Yes, I ordered Snow Leopard, and yes, I am excited. #
  • @doctorstine Only 25 bucks on Amazon. Well, 24.99, so you still have to buy something else for free shipping. Brilliant policy, really. in reply to doctorstine #
  • @doctorstine Same price, since it's really just Leopard 2.0, not an entirely new thing. in reply to doctorstine #
  • @doctorstine All, but a single license has always worked for me. in reply to doctorstine #
  • Gotta love child labor #
  • Why can't I shake off how tired I feel? I don't even remember the last time I had caffeine. #
  • Goddamn YouTube and their copyright BS. #
  • Thursday's Oddity: My daughter just threw her skirt at me. #
  • Friday's Worst: Having to scare my son to stop him from putting garbage in his mouth. #
  • I love seeing fat people work at places I eat. #
  • My classic rock station has duly rocked me like a hurricane. #
  • @leannrose Dummy-face!! in reply to leannrose #
  • Friday's Best: Mind the 'Fro. #
  • Friday's Oddity: "Quit farting on my mom!" #
  • @JollyAndy Holy snot, I remember that puddle! in reply to JollyAndy #
  • Glass of red wine and a good book.

    I. Fucking. Win. #

More Evidence I’m a Twit…

  • Anyone in the Twin Cities going to see Rifftrax Live? I'd love someone to go with. It's this Thursday. #
  • My daughter, instead of taking a nap, is sitting up in her crib and spitting. Children really are pleasant creatures. #
  • Tuesday's Best: Playing with the Princess and her ball popper. #
  • Tuesday's Worst: Getting a sandwich thrown at me. #
  • Tuesday's Oddity: "Get your butt off your sister." #
  • A Honey Weiss with a slice of lemon hand delivered from California after mowing the lawn on a cool summer evening? Perfection. #
  • Oh, and watching The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951). Still a great movie! #
  • Dark and rainy day = much easier nap times. #
  • Midweek Kids Fix is up! #
  • Tornado sirens have come and gone, reminding me again that I really need to make the basement toddler-friendly. #
  • Someone out here needs to see Rifftrax Live with me. Laughing alone is like not laughing at all, damnit! #
  • I just twittered! Do I capitalize that or not? #
  • Wednesday's Oddity: The eggbeater incident. #
  • There's an awful lot of crankiness floating around my house this morning. #
  • Thursday's Oddity: "Stop gnawing on the table." #
  • Mein Kapf schm√§rtzen. #
  • A time out for asking to go outside? Yes, it is indeed possible. #
  • @babyrabies Oh dear goodness, let me know when you succeed with that rice! in reply to babyrabies #
  • @babyrabies Or I could read through my whole Twitter feed before replying to people! in reply to babyrabies #
  • I better take a nap this afternoon, because I have a feeling there will be a Mad Men marathon tonight. #
  • Brian Regan = Hilarity! #
  • The clementines I bought seem… abnormal. #
  • Sunday's Best: Playing bonsai gardener while the wife and kids played in the yard. #
  • Sunday's Worst: My crappy waffle maker. #

Midweek Kids Fix…

Going through my camera, there wasn’t a single picture of the kids with their Gram. It’s a shame, but it’s usually the case when we’re working on spending as much time with her as possible.
Here’s the Dude with one of his feline pals, Tyrone (and baby sister butting in).

Pair of happy dudes right here.

Little Missy helping Mommy with the laundry.

And of course, after laundry, with Mommy around, is dress up time.

Happy blue eyes and messy hair.