Swine Pig Dogs…

A few nights ago, M and I caught up on a few weeks’ worth of Mad Men, which has got to be one of the best shows to ever air on television. We also watched Glee. Following Glee is the local news. And are they ever trying to scare people into watching.
There is a general concern about the H1N1 ‘Swine’ flu. Apparently it killed a couple ailing people in Mexico. Now, not to be insensitive to those families who lost children, but.

But that was Mexico. No deaths in the US. Or any other advanced nation. I wonder why that is. Couldn’t be the half century advancement in medicine or sanitation, could it?

The news is making this out to be an anthrax scare circa 2002. Better make a kit and have it ready at all times! Have a week’s worth of food around in case of the Rapture. Oh and don’t forget to duct tape your vents in case Iraqi Afghan Taliban Al Queda mail some all-purpose flour to your local Wal-Mart in Nobody Gives A Shit, USA.

Do people really have no point to their existence unless they fear something?

Wisdom Teeth Extracted…

At around 10:30 this morning, I went under general anesthetic. At 11:11 (a very lucky number) I was awake enough to ask the time. My two wisdom teeth were out and in their places were a pair of chunks of bloody gauze. I was still fading in and out, and my dearly beloved was smiling her beautiful smile, holding back from utterly mocking me in my state.
Recovery has been easy, really. I just sat around watching movies, waiting for numbness to subside enough for me to down some ibuprofen and penicillin. Then yogurt. By the evening, I was up and making dinner for the kids.

It’s not that M wasn’t helpful. She handled Em in all her snotty, cold-laden glory. For me, since I was able to be up and about, following my routines helped distract me from the pain and hunger.

Still, I tried a homemade egg drop soup. Simple and worked okay: 2 cups of chicken stock, 2 lightly beaten eggs, and a bit of salt. Boil the broth, slowly pour in the eggs, gently breaking them up a bit with a fork. Last, add a touch of salt for taste (not that I could taste all that much). Don’t add too much salt, because you don’t want to hide the flavor of the egg. I also want to try adding a bit of ginger next time I have a cold; supposedly that will help.

I was also able to gum down a bit of what I call bachelor chow (a la Futurama). It’s just a pound of ground beef for tacos, with a can of refried beans mixed in at the end. Long-lasting leftovers no one else in the house will touch. I made it in anticipation of my surgery.

Sorry for all the food talk. I got hungry after mandated fasting before the anesthetic, a minimum of six hours. Now I’m waiting to take another dose of preventative penicillin before bed.

More Evidence I’m a Twit…

  • I am plum hungry. But not hungry for a plum. Though I twittered that with much aplomb. #
  • Sneezing with a hefty, wisdom tooth-based toothache is a royal bitch. #
  • That last email took a lot of work. #
  • I hate mornings like this. #
  • (sigh) There are a pair of dogs out there that need a home, and I wish I could give one to them. #
  • Obama: most relatable president for me. Best part of the picture? Behind Obama's left hand. http://tr.im/z11F #
  • Why do my kids wake up 20 minutes before I'm ready for them. #
  • @jzeller Hella. It's how you know it's a supremely geeky picture. in reply to jzeller #
  • @judalicious That's a good way to end a day, I say. in reply to judalicious #
  • Honestly, why do adults keep spelling my name 'E-v-e-n'? Have they met human beings named Even before? #
  • @valecp Oh shut up. in reply to valecp #
  • "I'm drunk in moderation." #

More Evidence I’m a Twit…

  • @leannrose Been there, done that. http://tr.im/y5GD in reply to leannrose #
  • @nerdist I don't care about the color of that baby's skin, but the content of its character is that of an asshole. in reply to nerdist #
  • W00T! Looks like one thing is going right today. #
  • I'm glad I didn't bother re-unlocking my iPhones for 3.0.1 a couple weeks ago. #
  • Sneezing with a cough drop in your mouth = not cool. #
  • I have literally waited 36 hours for Chipotle and am still in line. #

More Evidence I’m a Twit…