Watch just the first couple minutes.

Now, I keep hearing about insurance companies vs people due to ‘pre-existing conditions’, and I always hear the above clip in my head. Pre-existing means conditions you had before you existed? What about post-existing conditions? Worm rot? Composting? Demons with pitchforks?

It’s an existing condition; let’s all quit being stupid.

My Week of Single Fatherhood…

A week ago today, my wife flew out to Denver for a surprise visit with her sister. They have been having fun doing lots of girly things, most of which I assume involves mocking me in some way.
I find it funny, though slightly insulting, when I would tell people M is out of town and they ask me how I’m holding up with all that. There is usually a look of pity associated with it, too. I generally laugh it off with them and put on the husband dunce cap.

But with full honesty, what the hell? I am my kids’ father. I know how to play with, feed, clothe, and bathe them. I am not a weak man, the caliber of which you would see on television. They are my children, I raise them, I teach them, I love them and care for them.

It’s the same situation as when I tell someone M’s out with a friend for the day and they respond, “You’re babysitting the kids today, then?” No. I don’t babysit my kids. I don’t even babysit my niece. I just keep parenting my kids. My children are with me, that’s all. I have my niece over. I am not just watching my kids until the parents get back.

Furthermore, though this doesn’t really change the argument, my home has a slight shift in traditional family roles. I work shorter hours and so am the one taking the kids to school and picking them up afterward and making them dinner. My wife commutes, works longer hours, is allowed some overtime, and gets paid more. Also, I work in education, I have had my summers off with the kids as well. So please don’t insinuate that I am anything less than capable at rearing my offspring.

All that said, I do miss having M around. Our friend Mare came over on Wednesday evening to give me a bit of a breather and make dinner. It was very nice of her, and she noticed I looked like I had nothing to do since she was doing the cooking. But the big thing to have around was another adult to talk to.

On my own in the evenings, once the oldest is tucked into bed, my mouth is shut while I watch some shows and do chores. No actual conversation to be had, so no actual soulful energy exchange to keep me moving longer and tackle more of my project to-do list.

I am looking forward to picking M up at the airport tomorrow morning. The person I laugh with and who puts cold feet on me has been noticeably absent. After the kids are in bed, the house is eerily quiet. And I always mean to get to bed early, but I wind up staying up with some other shows on my computer. Then I fall asleep on her side of the bed (because that’s where the lamp is) and hoping to get enough sleep to get up alone with the kids again.

More Evidence I’m a Twit…

  • Watching #MST3K and making salsa. Life is sweet and spicy right now. #
  • Got a bunch of little things done, and now my morning's gone. At least I got my outdoor work done before it clouded over. It was beautiful. #
  • @doctorstine Yeah, making a 5-day weekend for the sake of the MEA conferences that probably a dozen teachers attend from across the state. in reply to doctorstine #
  • I'm about four days behind the interwebs and blogoland. Time for slash-and-burn clearing of good ol' NetNewsWire. #
  • Anyone else having trouble connecting to AIM this morning? #
  • I have only one more day to enter a pundit contest. What should I write about? #
  • @valecp Goal is to write an opinion piece and try to become a pundit for the Washington Post. Basically just a trendy topic is needed. in reply to valecp #
  • I just had three bowls of angel hair pasta, now I will have another beer. Tonight is a good night for comfort food. #
  • (dies) #
  • RT @rainnwilson: My new band is called "Fail Whale". -> Oh! Can I play tambourine with half the jangles missing? #
  • Don't tell me about how you wish your spam messages giving you money are true. It's stupid. You're stupid. #
  • Pundit contest draft done; I will fine-tune it tonight. Topic: Universal Health Care for Children. #
  • Piece edited, contest entered, and good luck is hoped for. #
  • Once again, I must reiterate to the world that I am DAMN good at my job. #
  • Two adorable daughter videos are up! #
  • Why did I just make hand gestures while talking on the phone? #
  • Oy, now I want a Mac Mini for a home theater setup AND another one for a server! #
  • Wife is on a plane to Denver for a week. Swingin' bachelorhood, here I come! #
  • I make for a clueless host sometimes… #
  • My daughter is dancing to Dean Martin, and my son is talking about how to make slime. #
  • Part of me is too tempted to pick up a couple new kitchen knives. Y'know, good ones. #
  • Time for me to actually sleep. I should call my folks more often so it doesn't take two hours to talk to them. #
  • It's another molar incoming!! #
  • Self-drilling drywall anchors have to be one of the best inventions for homeowners. #

Dangerous Texting…

Looks like I’m back on the McSweeney’s Internet Tendency bandwagon. I left for a while, because they don’t publish anything in their RSS feed beyond the title. But damn if it’s not worth clicking over for gems like this, Five Other Activites During Which Texting Can Be Dangerous.

While Fighting 99 Ninjas

Sure, your phone is a great weapon in fights like this. And texting your friends while killing 99 ninjas, one by one, is a great way to show off for the camera. But what about all the blood you’ll get on the phone? And what if the ninjas start texting you just to mess with your concentration? And ultimately, what happens when Ninja 99, the leader, spins a Chinese star into your keypad? Well, now you’ve got to go back to the cell phone dealer, and you know from previous experience they don’t honor warranties just because your phone has a Chinese star in it. This is going to cost you. Keep your phone in your pocket while fighting 99 ninjas!

Midweek Kids Fix…

This week, a pair of videos from the beginning of the month, featuring the only kid we have that still is small enough to fit on camera.
From October 1st, keeping Emily occupied while she’s on the potty. Mommy gave her a hair binder and egged her on to try doing a ponytail.

From October 4th. And now to keep her occupied during big brother’s birthday party, here are a bunch of balloons!

[I think I may be sticking with Vimeo to hold my videos, rather than YouTube. I like Vimeo’s interface a little more, plus I can access it while at work. Thoughts, comments, concerns?]