More Evidence I’m a Twit…

  • My folks are in town, so I have not caught up with any of the Interwebs for about 4 days. And I'm just fine with that. I have my priorities. #
  • Please do not lament having not played an instrument, but 'have your vocal chords'. You're a tool. #
  • Schools really needed to be open today? Really? #
  • REALLY!? #
  • I think I'm going to go Jewish. Thoughts? #
  • Good morning, Charles Mingus. Let's bump! #
  • @leannrose Wait, I have to listen to Streisand if I'm Jewish!? Can't I just stick with Jerry Seinfeld? Oy… in reply to leannrose #
  • @leannrose Well, I guess I'm out on both counts, despite what people say. in reply to leannrose #
  • Wow, my kids are really needy today. I have enough to do, even though I don't know if we're just going to get snowed in the next two days. #
  • My children are farting like a pair of old men. And it smells a bit like it too. #
  • Christmas is exhausting, but completely worth it to have my son excited to see Santa's footprints on the deck. I'm going to sleep now. #
  • @judalicious Iroquois twists? in reply to judalicious #

More Evidence I’m a Twit…

  • Hey Texas Roadhouse, if you promise chili and I don't get chili after checking for it three times, you've made the list. #
  • There are just some conversations I'm not comfortable having with my son just yet. He must learn some discretion first. #
  • Fuck glitter. #
  • Pandora Radio + Fluid = The Sweet Life. #
  • I didn't get the job. #
  • Beatles make life better. Revolver FTW. #
  • I can't believe I woke up after 7 this morning. I really must have been feeling sick to have slept that hard. #
  • Ich. Bin. Der. MANN! #
  • @jzeller Ich liebe Deutsch und Deutschland. But I also use it when I can so it doesn't disappear from my brain. in reply to jzeller #
  • Do I do the un-techie thing and print out an eBook? #
  • @jzeller It's honestly a relief to hear you say that. Now, how to print it out into a simple half-sheet booklet… in reply to jzeller #
  • @jimgaffigan I had one of those once. Be careful, they eventually raid the fridge without replacing things. Never lend them money, either. in reply to jimgaffigan #
  • @leannrose Well, the MP shouldn't be an issue to replace. The 'book? Yikes but not impossible… in reply to leannrose #

More Evidence I’m a Twit…

  • I think I'm done with Best Buy. Their customer service desk takes ages to get through, plus they screwed me out of $14. #
  • It's 6am Monday morning. Today, my goal is to filibuster. #
  • My Roman Legions have conquered the Barbarians of The North. Peace and Order now rules the world. #
  • RT @FakeAPStylebook: "Teh" is a common misspelling of "the." Add it to your rival's spell-check dictionary. | Ingenious! #
  • @jzeller IQ under 60. Definitely. At least she's 'hot' and spews Conservative boilerplate… in reply to jzeller #
  • Ew ew ew, I just installed Internet Explorer on a Mac. #
  • @leannrose Time to bust out "Jump" by the Pointer Sisters! in reply to leannrose #
  • @leannrose Um, no. What has two thumbs and has class? This guy -> @ebfryer in reply to leannrose #
  • @leannrose I'm not? Did my little sister just try to burn me? Oy vey, will you never learn… in reply to leannrose #
  • The floor in front of my sink has started squeaking, and guess where I spend about 50% of my time at home. #
  • Did my son really just ask what macaroni and cheese looks like? REALLY!? #
  • I can't stop eating. I must be nervous about something. #
  • And someone at all my Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips! #
  • I have Google Wave invites to hand out. Direct message me with your email address and I can hook you up. #
  • Ah the lunch hour, when I get to hear the mad rush of voices and running feet through the halls, showing that we shouldn't feed children. #
  • And now I wait… #
  • @aagblog I just use a plain text document. Yeah, I'm that crazy. in reply to aagblog #
  • Words I never thought I'd write: My salad kicks ass. #
  • I know it's close to a blizzard out there, but does anyone want to bring me a Chipotle burrito? #
  • First driveway shoveling of the season (Autumn, that is. It's still Minnesota, folks.) #
  • Okay Chrome, let's see what you can do today. #
  • @judalicious Amen. The kids are itching to get out and play (and so are the parents.) in reply to judalicious #
  • Nevermind about Chrome. I can't get Xmarks to work on it yet. That's my dealbreaker. #
  • @jzeller I thought it was a little further along and they just finally had a Mac port. Oh well. I'll still live with Firefox being bloated. in reply to jzeller #
  • @jzeller That'd be fun. Have a spare laptop running 7 I could take off your hands? in reply to jzeller #
  • World, I'm going to have to ask you once again not to talk to me about that amusing email you got/sent/forwarded. Thank you. #
  • @bobandtom I'm with The San Francisco Giants. Like the boss level in Mario Brothers, I die a lot. in reply to bobandtom #
  • I'd like the complete collection of RiffTrax and/or MST3K. My amusement would never cease. #RiffTraxSANTA #
  • Anyone want to shoot me a good slow-cooker beef stew recipe? We need something warm and thick after all this blowing snow. #
  • Know what needs to happen right now? Friday. #
  • The one Prince song I know is stuck in my head. Damn it all to hell. #
  • Geek Alert: I'm really enjoying learning to create Cocoa applications. Wish I knew more code, but that will come. #
  • I think I've passed the point where I could go get myself a burrito. Shame on me. #
  • GAH! I've been waiting for a phone call all week. My phone just rang. Dental appointment confirmation. (Hair catches fire). #
  • Ever run into one of those people who is the complete antithesis of you? Opposite movie preferences, opposite political views? It's bizzare. #
  • @jzeller Good choice. We'll have to stock up for an Objective-C party. in reply to jzeller #
  • @jzeller You're goddamn right! Though I was also thinking we could do brews at a place with free WiFi and watch our coding skills drop… in reply to jzeller #
  • In Farmville, you can get an 'Elf Gnome'. That blew my fucking mind. Henceforth, my mind is blown. #
  • 'Elf Gnome', Jesus fucking H Christ… #
  • I feel like I should be forced to read aloud from the DMG for penance. #
  • Know what sucks about saving the best for last? I always have to spend most of my time waiting. #
  • It's nearly midnight and I just finished the dishes. When the hell am I supposed to waste hours on video games? #
  • @leannrose All I know is that my ass isn't coming to visit anytime soon. Last thing I need to do is meet Audrey II. in reply to leannrose #

Midweek Kids Fix…

Long overdue, I know. I wanted to take pictures at Thanksgiving, but I wound up chasing a running toddler around most of the time. I didn’t really feel like breaking out the camera just to get blurry snapshots of the back of her head, y’know?
Anyway, someone’s hair is starting to get longer, so more and more hairstyles are available…

From November 7th, rocking the ponytail and a bow.



And the lad rocking a cheesy smile.


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Funny Stuff…

I liked the retort by Shani-O, guest blogging for Alyssa Rosenberg, about why she enjoys The Office.

But we don’t often see the bitter-sweetness of The Office in half-hour comedies, particularly sitcoms. Mostly we see dumb, broad jokes, and no real character movement or depth. In contrast, Michael’s desperation, Angela’s insecurity, and Jim’s inability to take off all inform the show’s realness, and more importantly, its humor.

My current television crush, Community, is an interesting study in pain and humor. While it isn’t nearly as awkward as The Office, it has a cast of seriously hurting men and women who are all attempting to make their lives a little better. Except, sometimes they’re so screwed up that they don’t know what “better” is, and the adults who teach them are often worse off. Add to that a fantastic, often absurd script each week, and you have a show which successfully blends pain and humor.

Huh, I didn’t mean this post to turn into a plug for Community, but it seems I just can’t help myself.

I also read the other article Shani-O that she linked to at the end. It definitely put more coherently why I like Community over Glee. Plus I enjoy the world of ad-hoc, juxtaposed friendships over the simplistic, teen-minded world of high school cliques.

I still like The Office but it definitely isn’t what it was a couple of years ago. It does look like the show will be wrapping up this season, which I’m actually excited to see. I like when shows have a proper ending, rather than just waiting for revenues to peter out and die slowly and alone.