My Ancestry

Here’s a slice of my family’s history from my dad’s response to yesterday’s post:

The desk was from an office built after the 1906 quake. The old coronet was rescued by Grandma Mary’s father from a chuch in San Francisco during the quake. Grampa Porter was at work in San Francisco during the quake. Grampa Fryer at age 12 watched the fires from the shores of Oakland. He said he could feel the heat.

A Day Off

Yesterday was a day off for me. Only me. I was going to focus entirely on myself and my personal endeavors, particularly writing. That was my goal.
Here is what I actually did:

  • Took the kids to school
  • Bought some half-off pens
  • Got my throat swabbed
  • Upgraded my iMac
  • Did four loads of laundry
  • Showered and shaved
  • Picked up the kids
  • Made an unsuccessful side trip to a shoe store
  • Went home and made dinner
  • Folded laundry

Did I write? No. Did I read? Barely; mostly quick blog posts.

At the end of the day, I came to the conclusion that my days off need to be spent outside of my house. At home, there are so many chores, projects, just plain things to do that I can’t really focus on what’s in my head.

Most selfish thing I did yesterday was bought some of my favorite pens in large quantities (and a couple extra to try out). But at the same time, I picked up pens for my wife and found my son some cool bookmarks. And bought screen cleaner for our precious television covered in precious toddler fingerprints.

I’m getting closer to creating that zen space at home, though. My parents brought out my great granddad’s desk. It used to be in his office as a lawyer in San Francisco. (I wonder if it is a survivor of the 1906 earthquake. Dad, do you confirm or deny my speculation?)

The desk is now the central part of my side of my bedroom. My goal is to keep it completely cleared of anything that isn’t mine. I’ve already started getting in the habit of sitting at it for a few minutes each night and writing in my journal. Even if I only write half a page, the day’s goal is met.

Now I’m just feeling sick and quite tired. It’s time to curl up in bed with the third Harry Potter book, having just finished Slaughterhouse Five this weekend.

Yesterday’s Best: Putting on jeans straight from the dryer.

More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • @jzeller Yeah it was easy to set up. The only thing is that porting a number over takes a few weeks?? in reply to jzeller #
  • Blog still down. Waiting on some account tech support to sort out the domain expiring. #
  • Can I haz more RAM? Will trade cheezburger. #
  • My site is back up and running. I believe this calls for a W00T! #
  • I'm wearing new, awesome, finally comfortable shoes. Now I have to change into my ratty shoes to trudge out in the snow. Weak. #
  • My daughter counting: "1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10." #
  • Ever have multi-hour meetings that could be covered in 15 minutes? I'm going to go drink now. #
  • Okay, I'll admit it: when my daughter says, "Thank you, Daddy," I swoon a bit. #
  • @uniballSuperInk Dang. Hopefully I won't be occupied with a pair of sick kids tomorrow. =/ in reply to uniballSuperInk #
  • @JollyAndy Dang, I've yet to make a dime! in reply to JollyAndy #
  • House floors are cleaned. I'm now relaxing with some good old West Wing. #
  • @jzeller Not anymore, nope. in reply to jzeller #
  • @jzeller Yup, the boy this time. Was the girl on Tuesday/Wednesday. in reply to jzeller #
  • Can Office 2008 run worse on a Snow Leopard machine? I submit that it cannot. #
  • I'm excited that I got the ingredients and planned out a few meals this weekend. One might crash and burn, but that's fine by me! #


Sorry for the downtime of the blog this weekend. There were some domain ownership issues (some of which are still getting sorted out) but it appears the ship is sailing once more. I have posted up last Saturday’s weekend audio. Can’t go wrong with The Beatles, can you?
[If you answered yes to that rhetorical question, feel free to unsubscribe. Heathen.]

More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Thrice given the runaround by Comcast reps tonight. Disappointed that they're the only fast Internet connection in town. #
  • It is stupid cold out today. I'm still waiting to get feeling back in my fingers. #
  • I think it's the cold that's making me so hungry. I'm aching for some hot food right now. Fingers still haven't thawed out. #
  • Hooray for applying to more jobs… #
  • Right now, could I lock myself in a room and write for a few hours? Please? #
  • If I'm really getting sick, I'm punching someone in the face. #
  • Back in the recording studio, and I do like the peace and being surrounded by technology. #
  • @jzeller Studio for once. But you made me double-check. in reply to jzeller #
  • Okay, WTF? For a week, by the afternoon, my throat feels like someone is closing their hand around it. Last night I could barely speak. #
  • I'm looking to sell a pair of original iPhones. I don't make good use of them and the novelty has worn off. #
  • I'm also looking for a good, simple, reliable flip phone for T-Mobile that's either Nokia or Motorola. Recommendations? #
  • My daughter is pickpocketing me while I help her big brother. I'm totally screwed for the future… #
  • @babyrabies Re 10. Yes, lame. 9. Yes, it's awful. Radio and Internet FTW. 1. Really? You're not going to come visit me in Minnesota? Boo. in reply to babyrabies #
  • RT @FreeRangeKids: How much safer are car seats than seat belts for kids age 2 and up? Surprising: #
  • OMG FFS Srsly!? #
  • I haven't been able to unlock my phone for two hours, so if you sent me anything in that time, I missed it. I've switched to a new one now. #
  • Oh, it's day three of being back at work, surely the boilers are running like crazy now. WRONG. I'm effing freezing again. #
  • @babyrabies Considering how oranges come out on the other end, you can cut him off anytime I say. in reply to babyrabies #
  • I want to start eating more fish and less red meat. Any quick, easy recipes or recommended fish to get? The less smelly the better, for M. #
  • Today's best: My daughter screaming APPLESAUCE! over and over just because she can say the word. #
  • @FoodWishes I meant to ask you: What type of racks you used in your candied bacon recipe? in reply to FoodWishes #
  • @FoodWishes And they're safe in the oven? in reply to FoodWishes #
  • Why is it so hard to get up today? I fell back to sleep 3 times. #
  • If you need to daily ask me 'Does our paycheck come this week?' then you need to rethink your spending choices. #
  • @jzeller I will kill you dead, my friend. in reply to jzeller #
  • Seriously, are there even Windows users that still use Internet Explorer? I know Macs shouldn't because it's a form of necrophilia. #
  • All new keyboards should be made with the backspace and caps lock keys switched. Thoughts? #
  • Gonna go set up the Ooma. Don't ask. #
  • Waffles and bacon for breakfast. Real Maple Syrup. And the waffles are brown. Homemade waffles should always be brown. Powerful yummy. #
  • Umm… where'd my website go? #