Jumpin’ at the Fry Side

Searching the word ‘Jump’ in my iTunes library pulls up quite a selection of tracks, I’d say.

Truth be told, I take full responsibility for The Pointer Sisters on that list (since that was what I was looking for; the toddler kept shouting out the word and hopping up and down). Oh and Sugar Hill Gang. Those are definitely mine. I deny any association with The Jacksons or Taylor Swift.

More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • "Whose Pepsi is that" "It's mine, bud." "Oh. I thought you only drank Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew and beer." #
  • Quoth: "Whose Pepsi is that?" "It's mine, bud." "Oh. I thought you only drank Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew and beer." #
  • I'm making teriyaki chicken and rice tonight. G'booyah! #
  • Once again, the company filter is blocking me from music. #
  • Suddenly thinking about changing my blog's theme. Thoughts? #
  • Yup, changed the theme. I'm working on bringing the pen back. #
  • Jeebus, finally got back access to my site via ftp. I'm playing with things in there… #
  • Sweet, the pen is back, and The Fry Side is back up and running with a simple new theme! #
  • Quoth: "Shirt! Shirt! Shirt! Shirt! Shirt? (pause) Shirt! Shirt!" My daughter has trouble pronouncing her Rs. #
  • Catching up on South Park. "Oh God, why don't you sit under a rainbow and write a poem, Kyle." Just grand. #
  • It's like I walked in the room and got punched in the face. #
  • Looks like Handbrake is saving the day once again, this time with batch conversion. #
  • Slowly getting my site back up to where it ought to be. Didn't have time to clean up my blogroll though. Or, y'know, add worthwhile content. #
  • Yay, just learned a little more Unix, as well as how to bend a Mac to my will… #
  • Recording your screen and then playing it back in full view is trippy. #
  • I'll be honest, it's tough to blog with people over your shoulder. #
  • I just ate five carnitas tacos. Who dares me to eat five more? (They're mini tacos, so it doesn't count as super-over-indulgent.) #
  • Quoth: "Pockets, Posies, Ashes!" (translation, Do ring around the rosie with me.) #
  • Ah, I think I hear it now! http://www.macheist.com (via @MacHeist) – I was just thinking about this today!! Please let there be iShowU HD! #
  • My daughter wants to wear my wristwatch and cook meat. My son calls people Just Gorgeous! What the hell kind of kids am I raising!? #
  • Me to my toddler: "Stop undermining my efforts to clean this domicile!" … This kid is going to come out weird too. #
  • Case in point: My daughter is putting magnets on the refrigerator using her mouth. Sigh, at least she's talented. #
  • Can I go back in time and somehow become fluent in German? #
  • I'm using iShowU HD and the shortcut to turn on the camera doesn't work. Why? #
  • Please let my daughter sit and watch TV for 15 minutes while I eat. She needs the rest. #
  • W00T! Just ordered a Trumper sample pack. Definitely excited about this. #
  • I LOVE busting kids for playing with Photo Booth. #
  • http://twitpic.com/15pf4e – Big ol' batch of Jambalaya (via @foodwishes) – Please oh please oh please tell me this is a upcoming recipe! #
  • "Hmm. Needs more dog." #
  • Speaking of dogs (I'm looking at pictures of them from @thepioneerwoman), I need a brown dog. Like, big time. #

Midweek Kids Fix

This week features the cute little girl running around my house these days.
From February 9th. These two require a little explanation. After a meal, she cleans up her tray with a washcloth. This time, after cleaning, she dressed up her cup…

…then exclaiming, “Cute!”

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Strengthening the Soul

An interesting concept from a great article about how reading helps children grieve.

Ultimately, reading takes them to a place that every child should know intimately. As Roger said, “The whole intention is to encourage children to see reading and books as parts of their own imagination.” Reading becomes a part of who they are, not merely something that they do.

Intrinsically Evil

Last week had some fun news out of CPAC, a Conservative conference in Washington DC. Only there could you find fun interactions like these. It really goes to show that the only Republican I can get behind anymore is Ron Paul.

My recollections are not perfect, of course, but Nate Gunderson should be able to help me fill in the details. The exchange is roughly as follows.

“So, you’re the infamous Ryan Sorba,” I said.


“You’ve made quite a name for yourself.”

“Haha, yeah. Where are you from?”

“I go to college around here, American University.”

“What are you studying?”

“I was double-majoring in Political Science with a political theory focus and International Relations with an Islamic Studies focus, but I think I’m going to drop the latter. I can’t take the relativistic preaching, the whitewashing of the burqa, Sayyid Qutb, the entire religion.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. So what did you think of my little tirade, then?”

“Oh, I thought it was quite evil, actually. I’m gay.”

“You mean you think you’re gay.”

“No, I’m gay. Do you think it’s a choice?”

“I think it’s the result of a complex process of social and environmental factors, but that it’s reversible.”

“So, like, why is it that over one hundred animals have been observed engaging in homosexual sex in nature?”

“Well, only 0.2% of animals are known to do that — ”

” — I mean, mammals, obviously, not ants, birds — ”

” — you know, animals masturbate, your dog humps your leg. Does your dog talk with a lisp?”

“Do I talk with a lisp?!” I yelled.

“A little bit.” (I later asked a couple of gay friends if I have a small lisp; both of them said I have no lisp whatsoever. Aron, who is straight, has said my voice is sometimes theatrical, but that I don’t have a lisp.)

“Rudy Giuliani has a lisp — is he gay?”

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More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • I'm never catering to anyone on craigslist again. They can come to me if they want what I'm selling. #
  • Does feeding my children need to be a nightmare every single time now? #
  • Tonight's example, use one word to describe Daddy's food: "Aerodynamic." #
  • I finally blogged and twittered. It's been a while. #
  • I've been having trouble coming up with things to write about. Any questions floating around out there that I could answer? #
  • @jollyandy I listened to your podcast. Glad I managed to dodge a gory bullet Wolfman. M would not have enjoyed it… #
  • @doctorstine And always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom! in reply to doctorstine #
  • Just watched a bit of Bob Ross to relax and now I'm ready to handle wound-up offspring. #
  • @JollyAndy Yeah totally, you can just swing by my place on the way and pick me up! in reply to JollyAndy #
  • @JollyAndy Listening to the third podcast. Audio much better already. Is there a reason to have separate L/R channels for each voice? in reply to JollyAndy #
  • My headphones rattling? This is why you don't let students use nice things! #
  • @babyrabies Bah, he just looks like a boy. My son looked like a walking bruise the first four years of his life. in reply to babyrabies #
  • I really, really hate when people have image files as a part of their email signature. It makes everything sent look falsely important. #
  • @JollyAndy That vandalism doesn't even make sense. Or am I missing something? in reply to JollyAndy #
  • Quoth: "Dragons don't even live in Minnesota." #



My wife and I were getting ready for bed and I had the TV remote next to me. She rolled over and caused the remote to crash onto the floor. Wondering what the noise was, she asked “What was that?” “What do you think it was?” I responded. Without missing a beat, she replied “Your fault.” IMMD.