More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Opening a Newcastle using a Guinness bottle opener seems like an insult, but I'm not sure to whom. #
  • I need to get into a creative industry job. It's a beautiful day outside and I would like to get paid to walk through the park. #
  • If you are considering adding an image to your email signature, allow me to assist you: don't. #
  • Looks like the TeamSpeak 3 beta is going to be fun to work with. #
  • Can today only get better? We'll see! #
  • Dear MN Dept of Ed: Being licensed to teach woodshop does not qualify a person to teach a technology class. Just so you know. #
  • I just took some chicken nachos out of the oven. Crazy good. Made the sauce by hand, too. Ich bin der Mann. #
  • Have you heard the good news? Episode Eight is here! Please retweet! (via @PODmination) #
  • (sigh) Whole lot of work not getting me anywhere right now. Stupid key bindings. #
  • Wish I could stop yelling tonight. #
  • It's a good night to subsist on only nachos and beer. #
  • Mark of being a grownup: I'm sad I missed out on registering for a class on planting shrub roses. #
  • I think I may finally be enjoying my kitchen. Of course, I still think it desperately needs to be renovated into something good for a family #
  • It never fails. As soon as I want to listen to anything, some other louder noise arrives. #
  • Lousy toddler is now too aware of her surroundings, specifically: me when I try to sneak a cookie into my mouth. #
  • Woot, just applied for the Steam for Mac beta =) #
  • the free @digg app's here for iphone! to celebrate they're giving out a custom colorware ipad each day for 2 weeks! #
  • One thing off my craigslist sale down, 3 to go (I should probably post that last one; it would probably increase the odds of selling.) #
  • I think it's a good night to drink and wallow. Who's with me? #

Bizarre Nature

Humans have a bizarre nature, I’d say.
This weekend, we got it into us to do some spring cleaning on our kitchen. M and I went to town, purging paperwork, rearranging cabinets, selling unused appliances, etc. We were worn out by the end, but the counters and table were clean and lovely for the first time in months.

Then we came across the ads in this Sunday’s paper. Target has decided to run some really amazing sales. Namely on a certain spinning appliance on a stand that makes cookies.

Let me back up a bit. This week, I found a great recipe for frosting. Some birthday cupcakes were overdue, so I decided to try it out. In the recipe, it called for butter and sugar to be creamed together.

Hang on, let me back up a little further. A couple years ago, we were without a mixer. For five bucks, or some kind of freebie/hand-me-down, we got a small hand mixer. It worked great for whipping up some boxed cake mix.

I burnt out the hand mixer.

Turns out even after being softened in a bowl all day, a small, cheap mixer won’t cream butter and sugar.

We have coveted a stand mixer since we moved into this house. And after a super sale on them, plus our discounts, we got a bright red one. I spent the better part of this evening purging the fridge, clearing everything else out that goes unused.

I swear, it was as though I was lighting candles and laying out rose petals for a virgin. That kitchen needed to be pristine for this beautiful new machine of ours.

The night wore on, all the preparations happened, and it got too late to dive into the box and extract our new mixer.

But I’m not sad about it. Because you know the best part of the night? Target also had a sale on Nerf guns. The boy and I now have a pair of hand-held gatling Nerf dart guns, and they work great!

Joy comes in funny forms.

Especially the joy of hearing my young son telling me, “Dad, could you please stop being silly?”

More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • I have "Springtime for Hitler" in my head and have been humming it to myself all morning. BTW, I work in a middle school. #
  • Oy, I wish I'd gotten up early enough to shave today. #
  • It's amazing how a good day can just turn on a dime. #
  • Why does my wife hearing my flatulence from across the house feel like a triumph? #
  • Really well done slideshow of New York City: #
  • Sweet, I have Outlook 07 running on my mac. #
  • I really don't feel up for going to work today. But I may as well since I have to be up and about for the kids anyway. #
  • My daughter is now 2 years old. The most beautiful 2 year old that has ever existed, ever. #
  • "To alcohol! The cause of… and solution to… all of life's problems." #stpatricksday #bestsimpsonsquoteofalltime (via @dailysimpsons) #
  • Quoth: "This music kind of makes me want to get up and groove out." #
  • I think that when I have nothing left to live for in life, I'm going to just eat butter and sugar whipped together until I die. Delectable! #
  • It's rib night. A bath is soon to follow. (via @doctorstine) – Booyah! That's how I look on rib night, too! #
  • First set of birthday girl pictures are up. G'night folks! #
  • Mark Twain by Edison (1909). (via @ebertchicago) #
  • White wine Chateau St Michelle 2008 Riesling. It's almost clear white. Been in the fridge over a week. Crisp, just as I wanted this evening. #
  • The best stuff is up on my site: videos! #
  • /dies #
  • There are increasingly obvious reminders that I am dangerously underemployed. #
  • "Spenduy" #
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, we are tech support. So when using your computer during meetings, MUTE THE FUCKING SOUND! Jesus, c'mon! #
  • Steam needs to hurry up and get to OS X so I can shoot things. #
  • I need a keg of Newcastle and a taco truck burrito delivered right now. #
  • Finally got the kids settled to watch TV, and not half a second after putting my butt in a chair the cats start fighting. Not. My. Day. #
  • Why is my computer's fan running? And why doesn't it go to sleep anymore? #
  • Ideal breakfast: eggs and bagels. #

Birthday Kid Fix

Well, our little Princess turned 2 today. She’s up and toddling around and usually chattering away (or reprimanding me and her brother about how we play with her toys). From March 17th, sporting the pigtails, getting ready for school.
You’re really going to take a picture of me, Dad?

Hang on, let me at least put on the right face.


Beautiful smile and showing off her now-traditional, brand new St Patrick’s Day birthday shirt.

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