More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Wow, I have been out of it for days. Makes me wish I worked from home at least part of the week to catch up on that stuff as well as work. #
  • Student quote: "Why is my life so weird?" #
  • Wow, something small but nice just happened. What a change of pace. #
  • I need to stop clicking favorite on tweets I just mean to follow up on later. I forget that it's a communal thing. #
  • Some people need a blog so they don't feel compelled to talk. #
  • Dear world: stop typing 'grrr' at things that are irritating. Or saying 'grrr'. Even typing for 'grrl'. End this sad madness now. #
  • I'd like to work in my yard, but I think someone needs to loan me some energy to do so. #
  • My to-do list for tonight: eat leftover Italian food, drink red wine from a new glass, and finally view the new Star Trek movie. #
  • I love where I am and I miss where I'm not. (via @ChelseaLeeCosta) – Ain't that the truth? #

Gram and the Kids

My mom doesn’t get to see the kids very often, so even after a long week of work at the quilter’s conference in the city, she was more than game for doing a whole afternoon and evening with her grandchildren. For me, it means worlds that she loves taking them in. I’m so tied to the kids for all their daily routines that I get overly worried about anyone else taking them simply because they don’t know all my tricks to get them to go where they need to.

But she wanted them. My mom wants to take my kids and have special solo time with them. My kids can get unhinged, and I have recollections of my sister and I driving my grandma nuts on various trips. That said, there were plenty of trips alone or with my sister to spend the day or even a week with one of my grandmothers.

The kids sure look forward to it as well. Austin was plenty excited when we told him about it the day before, and Emily asked for Grandma immediately upon waking up the next morning (Grandma had done the full bedtime routine the night before). The kids loved it, my mom loved it.

The whole thing pulls at my heartstrings. My mom loves and misses my children so much. And as always, anytime my family loves Austin it’s a big deal to me. They don’t have to. He’s not of my blood. I chose to love him alongside his mother many years ago, so while he’s my boy, I never asked anyone else to do the same. But my mom loving Austin and taking him in without hesitation means the world.

What also means so much is that she did this for M’s birthday. For the first time in a long time, she and I were able to take off for an afternoon and into the evening to simply be together, to go at our own pace, to converse without managing toddler legs and kindergartener ears. It was relaxing, wonderful, and fun.

Best of all, it was worry-free. We knew the kids were taken care of, they were home, and we didn’t have to cut off our fun by a certain time to relieve a sitter. Such a situation is so rare that we can’t even remember the last time we could.

Thanks, Mom. You mean worlds to all of us.

More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Wrangling two kids with selective hearing loss while feeling nauseous isn't fun. I'll be honest. #
  • Somehow, someway, I need to get my friends together to watch MST3K's Manos the Hands of Fate. I think I'll make M watch it too. #
  • Head going to explode in 3… 2… #
  • Mow lawn, yes/no? I have about 90 minutes before needing to head back out and get childrens. #
  • Just finished the 3rd season of Mad Men, and for shit's sake, I have to wait how long to see what happens!? #
  • Not a good way to start work. #
  • If you want good tech support, don't wait for them in their room in the dark. #
  • Stop using "word process" as a verb, people. Just say "type". The former makes it sound like you're using a stenograph in a sausage grinder. #
  • I'm in the recording studio and liking what I'm doing. Definitely having a better half to my day. #
  • Tonight, I am going to get my mum hooked on Community. What episode shall I start her with? #
  • Want to save the newspaper industry? Buy every men's room in America its own subscription. #
  • The worst part of my job? When the favorite part of my job blows up in my face. Good morning to you too, Friday. #
  • I admit to being in love with Røde microphones. I really want to try out their video mic sometime. #
  • Sometimes, Facebook games make me snicker a little bit: #
  • Facts are meaningless. You can use facts to prove anything that's remotely true. (via @dailysimpsons) #
  • My children need to try this day over. #

Following Up

Here is a follow up thought to yesterday’s post:

I’m a sucker for waltzes. That lilting triple-meter does something to me. I feel it inside and out. That lingering 2-3 after the strong 1 that gets the beat conveys time and motion so well.

Also, I think that as a native to English our language has a natural lilt. We have small prepositions and articles fed in between our heavy nouns and verbs to give our voices the sway of the triplet. I hear lots of phrases in either 3/4 or 6/8 time.

So I’m tossing this question out to my few loyal readers: what music are you a sucker for? It doesn’t have to be your favorite, or particularly good, but what draws your ear?

Like I said, I’m a sucker for a waltz.

And 80s pop music. (For some reason; Heaven knows why.)

Something About Art

I can’t help but listen to the Erik Satie piece that I posted this weekend over and over. Something about that music haunts.

I hear a memory. Of course, being of the age that I live in, it plays back in my mind as a movie soundtrack. It is not a movie I’ve seen before, though. And in it, I’m the one remembering.

There is more to it than that. It feels like a future memory. I first heard it on the radio, and it was a different musician playing. That performer drew out time a little more slowly and softly, as if there was a haze around it. I barely heard half of it while driving kids to school and I was hooked.

There is love in that piece of music. Part of it is sentimental. Most of it is simple fondness. A life lived together, remembered at the end? Something that happened over a Spring as a young man that disappeared as quickly as it came? Childhood friends goofing around the neighborhood?

To anyone else, they may hear more of a circus in their mind. Or just a piano. Or nothing and change the station. Art strikes us all in different ways. That is what is amazing, and what I try to teach my kids. I ask my son what he sees when he hears things. Sometimes he sees something, sometimes he doesn’t.

With any art, you are not obliged to feel anything at all. It should mean something to at least a few, otherwise it is meaningless and therefore not art. I don’t get much out of paintings or sculptures. Music and movies, though, can hit me hard.

To each his own, as long as something is conveyed to your soul somehow.