More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Storm has passed. Best now? Baked nachos. Time to finally fill my belly. #
  • One man, one saw, one less tree. #
  • Looks like I'll be needing to replace my cheap cordless drill. I'm thinking I'll save my pennies for a Li-Ion 18v DeWalt. Thoughts? #
  • If the best and most memorable part of a movie is the end credits, that is a fail. #
  • (Stifling. My. Laughter.) RT @leannrose: I made callbacks for Cinderella up in Georgetown! I'm up for a Step-sister. (Still very cool!) #
  • Trees leaving tomorrow afternoon. Gonna be a pile of firewood leftover for the goodness. #
  • There's a part of me that really hates doing business on craigslist. #
  • I'm not okay speculating on the 2012 Presidential election yet. It makes my stomach turn thinking of two years of it. #
  • Eggs and toast. Best easy meal there is, I say. #
  • Tonight's experiment will be oven-baked carnitas tostadas with nacho cheese sauce. #
  • Toots McGee is in town tonight, apparently. #
  • "Leave my cup alone! I'm just playing!" #
  • What should I do, eat or sleep? #
  • There goes another little slice of hope. Now what? #
  • Time to track down the funny. Can anyone think of anything funny I may have written on my blog in the past couple of years? #
  • This was the longest shopping trip I have ever taken. #
  • Also on my "Things to Replace" list: The toaster. #
  • Anyone on Tmobile or ATT have a leftover Sony Ericsson phone I could pick up off them? #
  • Still need tree. I left a couple of messages; haven't heard back yet. I'm sure people are busy, but it needs to happen. #
  • "Daddy, dance!" #
  • Star Craft II or Civilization V? Decisions, decisions… #
  • Two more emailed job applications sent off. Crossing fingers on these ones, for sure. #
  • RT @AlyssaRosenberg: Mahler Time. #
  • I love watching my kids play on their own. What they do is random, yet completely sensible. #
  • I love to make it to Comic-Con one of these days. Don't know if I'd dress up, though. Maybe as Henry Jones Sr when I'm a little more gray? #
  • My daughter feels the need to tap each dish and utensil before putting them back into the drawers. #

More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • That does it. I'm joining a polka band out here. Anyone need a clarinet player? #
  • Finally starting to listen to this week's @podmination. Been having trouble downloading and finding time to listen. #
  • I'm trying out Instapaper, but I haven't had much of a chance to use it yet. #
  • $5 Pizza! #
  • So many projects taken on and completed, yet they still managed to open a world of other projects to do. My kids better like shovels. #
  • My whole house will be doing nap time today, no exceptions. #
  • My Internet is going wonky on me this day. Don't know why. #
  • If that black stuff was what I think it was, it's time to go… #
  • And the girl just whacked the boy right in the face with a Wii controller. #
  • I kicked my garage's ass this afternoon. It looks like I can actually do stuff AND park cars in there again! #
  • Nothing like making student loan payments when you haven't actually accomplished anything. #
  • It's a rainy day and the kids are cooped up together and going at each other. I hate to reward the bad behavior with a movie to sedate them. #
  • My toddler just burst into tears because I yelled at her to not play with the oven. The tragedy of it all… #
  • I miss keeping up with the blogosphere. I still want to be a bigger participant in it, but my kids and my backlog of housework slow me down. #
  • I need a top hat. #
  • Oy. Racking my brain to find a software bug. #
  • Oy, the lad is already banking on times to play with the rude neighbor kid. My motivation to find a better gig and better digs. #
  • My daughter can no longer hear my voice. #
  • Since 10:55, my children have asked about and for lunch no less than 10 separate times. It is now 11:08. The service here is terrible. #
  • Whenever an eatery is out of a condiment, you should complain as @DarthVader would. Ex: "I find your lack of sauerkraut disturbing." #
  • I went through six slices of bread to feed a toddler and a six year old. Taking bets on how fast they ask for seconds. #
  • RT @JollyAndy: Getting 10 hours of sleep on a Thursday night is awesome. But why didn't the cleaning faerie finish up while I was snoozing? #
  • Proud moment: My daughter stacked her sandwiches in a pyramid and proclaimed them a triangle. #
  • This may be the first day my toddler dodges a nap. Guess she's getting ready for school a good month early. Damn. #
  • I eat more salami each day than any person should. Nay; could. #
  • Seth MacFarlane was in Tooth Fairy? I don't know if I could watch Family Guy ever again. #
  • I think more than anything else, I need silence. Pure, simple silence. My brain should be able to repair itself such an environment. #
  • Huge storms possibly on the way. Kinda worried about my precious redbud… #

Mark Twain on Local Food

A great article about Mark Twain and his love of region specific food:

Whether he was in San Francisco savoring Olympia oysters, rafting down Germany’s Neckar River with a cold beer, or in Hawaii tasting flying fish for the first time, Mark Twain had a love of food that was inseparable from his love of life. Remembering the fried chicken, cornbread, and fresh garden vegetables served on his Uncle John Quarles’s prairie farm, he wrote, brought him nearly to tears. Whenever he recorded in his journal that he’d enjoyed a trout supper, it was certain that he’d ended the day content. And when he recalled stage coaching through the Rockies, he reflected that nothing helps scenery like “ham and eggs … ham and eggs and scenery, a ‘down grade,’ a flying coach, a fragrant pipe and a contented heart—these make happiness. It is what all the ages have struggled for.”

But the joy Twain took from food was most vivid in a long fantasy menu of favorite American dishes he composed towards the end of his 1879 European tour . Having suffered through more than a year of dismal hotel cooking, he wrote down the 85 dishes he said he wanted waiting for him the moment he arrived home. The menu ranged from fresh American produce like butter beans, asparagus, pumpkins, and “green corn, on the ear” to meats like porterhouse steak and broiled chicken to regional dishes like Southern-style hoe-cake and “oysters, roasted in the shell, Northern style.” But of all the fresh, local dishes of his imagined feast, the most deeply rooted , the most inherent to specific American places, were wild.

(Found via The Atlantic Food Channel.)

Split Perspectives on Palin

A guest poster at the Daily Dish believes Sarah Palin’s tale of her youngest child’s birth.
Another blogger responds to the guest post.

I fall into the latter camp, personally. I feel she puts forth such a false persona that regularly varies from ill-informed to bald-faced lying, often with a healthy smattering of damn near illiteracy thrown in. I will not take Palin at her word without significant evidence.

Since no journalists are remotely close to being allowed to investigate (or, frankly, slightly question) her, and she wasn’t that far from being leader of the world’s superpower, this is one conspiracy that I’m willing to give some weight.

This all leads me back to a point I have been making about Palin and her Tea Party movement supporters: it’s not even a matter of relative fact or truth, it is a matter of blatant absence and denial of fact or truth. And when there is no allowance for simple, proven fact, there can be no conversation, let alone compromise.