More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Here's a last-minute Happy Independence Day tweet! The big moment that started us on the path to where we are today. All the best, everyone! #
  • Daughter yawns and proclaims, "I'm not tired!" "No honey, we're both just a little bit groggy." "I'M NOT ROGGY!" #
  • What the heck? Is anyone else having issues with Tweetie on the Mac? #
  • Still have yet to solve the wifi issue with my 3G on ios4. Can't downgrade either. So still bricked and continually out more and more money. #
  • Yikes, I have stuff flagged to read and comment on from back in June. Time to burn it all and start fresh? #
  • I keep waiting for it to rain so I don't need to bother with sprinklers for another week. #
  • Even Steph/ven on the Colbert Report last night made me happy. #
  • Picture post is up folks, enjoy! #
  • Oy, if I'm going to make carnitas, I'd better get some pork shoulder stat. The goodness needs to start cooking by 10am! #
  • New Hampshire Passes Law Forcing Old People To Watch Gays Marry (via @TheOnion) #
  • Up way too late baking cookies. So it's a worth cause. #
  • I need to try harder to not snicker when my son suddenly bursts into tears when I win a game. Not being smug, just laughing at his reaction! #
  • So there was something to do with LeBron James today? Don't actually tell me; I couldn't care less. #

M’s Birthday Present, Part 1

Last weekend finally saw the arrival of M’s birthday present. It has been a long time coming, and huge thanks go out to everyone who pitched in toward the gift, as well as those who wanted to, but my donation system failed (I didn’t feel like letting gift money between friends get shaved off by PayPal.)

So click on to see what greatness has arrived.

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More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • (Three frozen chicken breasts + enchilada sauce) / Slow cooker = Dinner shall be served tonight! #
  • Just heard I missed the Palin appearance at my Alma Mater. Part of me really really wishes I was a part of the protest. #
  • Mac and cheese from scratch was a complete success! Holy cow good. #
  • I love Minnesota summers. High today: 73ยบ! #
  • Okay, only downside to my mac and cheese: slows you down like walking through a lake of molasses. Everybody gets nap time now! #
  • Aaaand… he's nearly done with training wheels. Then he scraped up his arm a bit. Good day for being a tough kid. #
  • Hi, I'm actor Troy McClure! You may remember me from… (via @dailysimpsons) – YES! #
  • I want to own an ice cream shop called Citizen Cone. #
  • How many times can I step on a rubber ball before finally rolling it out of the room? Five. #
  • Part of me really wants to make nacho sauce. Another part of me doesn't want to do a goddamn thing. #
  • I have the house to myself (mostly) tonight and I'm makin' nachos. C'mon down to party town if you want. #
  • I make some damn fine slop. #
  • And on to Futurama movies. "I'm sciencing as fast as I can!" #
  • Rather than be Cinderella's Prince Charming, I'm happier married to Belle of Beauty and the Beast. #
  • Or similarly, Tarzan and Jane. #
  • "Its some sort of Dutch wine thats a combination of chocolate and merlot." "That sounds either disgusting or decadent, I don't know which." #
  • John Oliver on the Daily Show makes me so happy. Maybe it's because I've lived in Reading, but the Britain/America humor duet is beautiful. #
  • When is "anarchist thanksgiving"? I'm curious, because I want in. #
  • Still kicking butt at work. 3 Labs expanded and done. #
  • I. Am. Done. #
  • Trying some Charlie Brown on the kids. I just can't take any more Barbie movies… #
  • Three different browsers and I'm still getting the echo effect on the Daily Show. Highly disappointed. #
  • Still failing to get Wifi up and running on this jailbroken 3G. #
  • My oak tree is alive!? #
  • Aw dangit, it's 5. What do I feed my children? #
  • Leftover enchiladas FTW, my friends. #
  • My daughter is bullshitting me, telling me to back away from her eaten food because it's "very hot". [And no, I didn't eat it, she did.] #
  • What would it take to get to a point in my life where I can move to Germany for six months and become completely fluent? #
  • My cooking skills would have made me an awesome bachelor. #
  • One kid spills cereal because of "pushing too hard" to fill the spoon, the other likes eating with the bowl as far away as possible. #
  • I seriously can't remember how we finally got the first kid potty trained. I don't know if I can argue with a toddler about this all summer. #
  • Wow. Ever wake up from a nap as though you could have kept on sleeping for hours? That's twice now in two days for me. #
  • If I'm going to live in my kitchen, can it at least not be annoying to work in? #
  • I think I'm going to buy 10 rubber thimbles for my son to help him stop picking his nails. #
  • So does Adblock no longer work on Daily Show or Colbert Report anymore? #
  • Dear Google: Please update your goddamn pictures of Minneapolis. There's this giant ballpark that has been built and stuff… #
  • For this holiday, I think I need to wrap something in bacon. I'm considering turkey. On a stick perhaps? Suggestions? #

Bouncing Baby Boy

I’m fixing dinner for myself and cleaning the kitchen. The lad bounds up the stairs in pajamas and his robe and rushes right into the kitchen.

“Okay Dad, I’m ready!”

“Um, for what?”

There’s a brief pause.



A great big grin slides across is face and he hops away.

I hear Mommy’s laughter coming from the living room. Finally I crack and start laughing too. He’s so proud that he’s laughing as he hops into the living room to tell Mommy the prank he pulled. Twice. Without taking a breath.

You think I was proud of the bike thing the other day? Hah, I scoff at thee.

The moments that he shows beyond any doubt that he’s my son prove the very air in my lungs is worth something.