More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Wine, chicken tostadas, and Futurama. Score! #
  • Today was so busy and tomorrow will be no better, so I'm going to just wipe out any feeds in my reader tonight. #
  • I've switched back over to Safari with Extensions. I will keep my loyal readers informed how it goes. #
  • No! Everything new is impossible to use! #
  • Fabulous! #
  • Kids don't need tons of toys. My son has fun with a small mirror and a sunbeam. Got the cat to chase the flashing light around, too. #
  • Do I start making a Christmas list and be patient, or do I just up and buy the books I want now? #
  • Migas for lunch. Been a while since I've made it. Yummy stuff =) #
  • I want a mounted picture of Homer Simpson next to the definition of stupid in the dictionary. #
  • I cannot stand Elmo. #
  • Biggest reason to get higher pay? To pay for cable and watch more baseball, of course. Kids, college, mortgage, whatever. Baseball. #
  • I have a hankerin' to make some nachos. #
  • I also need to go on a pub crawl. It's been a while. #
  • Free tacos to anyone who brings me beer! #
  • World: conquered. #
  • Homer line I never knew I missed: "Mel Brooks is Jewish!?" #
  • Top of the day: Beer and homemade salsa. I don't care if it's 10 at night when I'm pulling it off. #
  • Oh, and New Belgium's 'Blue Paddle' is awesome! #
  • "I wish for world peace." "Lisa, that was very selfish of you!" #simpsons #
  • My instinctive dread of girl birthday parties is entirely justified. #
  • What should I blog about? I need something to get me started. #

Some Sort Of Magical Beast

I have a funny black cat who brings me back to my roots. Every evening, Tyrone finally wakes up and decides he’s my best friend. My perfect companion. My speed bump.

Everywhere I turn for a few hours each night, Tyrone’s under my feet. He follows me up and down the stairs. He makes sure that anytime I inhale, he stops at my feet to make sure I’m okay. We step on each other a lot.

And he talks to me. Not unlike my toddler will do, as she will run into the room and babble loudly at me to either give me directions or an explanation, neither of which I understand. Tyrone does the same, but with less comprehension. He’ll howl if I’ve been in the kitchen too long, because for some reason he doesn’t follow me in there. And everywhere else, he yells at me while running around my feet.

I’m not entirely sure what he’s getting at. “Hey, you! Guy that pets me! What is your problem? Why did you stop petting me while you’re carrying laundry and reading to those bipeds of yours? Pet me!”

Tyrone at least reminds me of my roots. Those roots? Dungeons & Dragons. Yes indeed, as my perfectly black cat, nose and pads, from ears to tail, reminds me of my honorable place in Geekdom.

From what I can recall, when a proper Wizard reaches the third level, they will receive a pet. A pet that is imbued with magic and shares a very strong bond with its Wizard. They can share knowledge, even a telepathic link. The Wizard will take on some characteristics of this companion, and in turn the animal assists in the creation of spells and magical items. The Wizard’s animal companion is called a Familiar.

While Tyrone is running around me, talking to (yelling at) me, perching up any way he can to get contact with me, I revert to the geek that I am and cannot help but think:

Tyrone is my Familiar.

More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Can we stop having foreign judges/critics for American talent search shows? I don't mean to sound xenophobic, just we have plenty of nat … #
  • Sticking his face in his yogurt cup ended his lunch time. Now the tantrum begins. #
  • Truckasaurus! #
  • Hell hath no fury like a little boy who lost his video game privileges for a day. #
  • I like my big red chair. #
  • More resumés sent off. Can only wish to hear back at this point. #
  • I really ought to be making my own pizza dough from scratch. #
  • Instead of Mickey Mouse or Darth Vader, I want a toaster that burns an image of the Virgin Mary into my breakfast. #
  • Wow, putting together a playlist to introduce classical music is damn near daunting. Fun though. #
  • Smithers, release the hounds. #
  • Why oh why hadn't I ever thought of this one!? I'm ashamed. -> RT @BillCorbett: Distraught Picard to Singer repairman: "Make it sew!" #
  • Mmm… Chess. I miss playing that at a high level. #
  • When will I learn that taking my kids out to run a 10 minute errand is actually a 40-minute gauntlet through hell? #
  • Hans Moleman was originally named Ralph Melish. #
  • I am up to no good. #

Music for the Ages

So my friend has asked me to help him find some classical music to get him into the genre. Tricky part is that the genre encompasses about a quarter millennium of great art. So how does one help a non-music major get into it all?

I don’t think chronological really works. Bach and Mozart mean far more if you have a bit more of a formal understanding of older musical forms. So better start with the Romantic era, or 20th Century. There needs to be a familiarity with melodies, faint enough to catch one’s ear. Also, the pieces should be a tad shorter than Beethoven’s Ninth. After all, we’re most familiar in the mp3 era with 3- to 4-minute radio tunes. Lastly, perhaps some of the avant-garde or supremely dissonant could be left until a foothold has been put in place. As I’ve said many times, you can’t think outside the box if you haven’t seen the box. So no John Cage just yet.

It also leads me to the question: what if I could only pick one orchestral work to open the door to this music?

George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” to bridge the gap for those used to American pop and jazz?

Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” to touch the heart of anyone who isn’t deaf?

Richard Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” to reach those of us who grew up on Bugs Bunny?

Beethoven’s, well, anything? I’m too big a fan to be picky, though the Sixth Symphony comes to mind.

What if you got to pick the very first piece of music a person would hear? I always go back to the sounds from my father’s old LP collection. There was album in particular, Ormandy by the Philadelphia Orchestra. Mea Culpa: “Finlandia” by Sibelius, I thought of it as “Dragnet” music. “Danse Macabre” by Saint-Saëns, I thought it was Christmas-y (it had ringing triangles and soft flutes and I was six. Shut up.)

For my mind, I keep coming back to one piece. I don’t know why. Antonín Dvo?ák’s New World Symphony (his 9th).

I’m still building my playlist, but for sure all these will be on it.