More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Time for lots of lists to prep for school tomorrow. Both kids are starting, 1st grade and Preschool. Genuinely frightening. #
  • Well, wifi on my phone was nice while it lasted. When can I get an iPhone 4 on T-mobile for legit? #
  • Time for a cocktail and Mad Men. The two just seem to go together well. #
  • I'm back to Google Chrome. Can't beat the speed. #
  • PAPYRUS! #
  • I'm getting too distracted by Nova to write properly. Oops. #
  • Gentlemen: To evil. (raises goblet) #
  • Somebody took my sticky notes. Heads are going to placed on spikes around my desk soon. #
  • Gotta retweet this! -> RT @JollyAndy: @ebfryer Nothing like a guilt trip! #
  • Why is Coors Light the most refreshing beer ever? Because it's the closest to water without actually being water. #
  • Quote: "Kiss my butt!" #
  • The girl landed rear end on a toy and got an owwie. #
  • I would like to reiterate, for the record, that racing cars is not a sport. #
  • Happy birthday to my little sister! She hits the quarter-century mark today. #

On My Mind

Running up to the midterm elections, two themes keep popping back into my mind: ignorance and fear.

Then I realize those two ideas have been married and amplified as of nine years ago this Saturday.

I plan to muse more on the topic later. I’m running on fumes right now.

In Brief

I’m trying to drop a quick note before heading to bed. Last week flew through because of me returning to work, but the kids not having school. So surrounding very very busy days of helping teachers prep their computers, M and I were running children every which way. Then all weekend we were cleaning and getting ready our own lives for the coming school year. After all, Austin has entered the first grade, and Emily is now in preschool.

Austin had a good first day. We, of course, got in just as class was starting, so he got a little flung into his room at full-tilt. Didn’t phase him at all. He’s a trooper. His stuff is now in the proper corners of the room. This afternoon he was getting acquainted with his music class, and tomorrow afternoon he’ll be starting Spanish.

Emily didn’t actually begin her class. They roll a couple of new kids in each day so the teachers can focus more on them. Em won’t be in her class officially until Thursday’s afternoon session. Then she will finally be in her brother’s old classroom. A nice little rite of passage, I would say.

Now I’m headed to bed. It will take a few days to fully acclimate myself again to waking before the children and getting ready for an actual daily schedule.

Happy School Year, everyone!

Kids Fix

Some remaining Summertime kid pictures.
From August 12. Austin went to visit a friend. To milk extra time, when I was about to pick him up, the boys decided to break out the four-wheeler. Austin just had to have the giant yellow helmet. Of course.

Trying it on his own. He did really well, surprisingly enough. No fatalities.

Random shot of the little sister, running around the yard.

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More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Bakin' bacon once again. The only way to do it now. #
  • If someone out there isn't brewing a summer ale called "Banana Hammock", I shall. #
  • Unbelievable. Some people are utterly unbelievable. How can people think the way they do? #
  • RT @soulpancake: Atheist or evangelical, the more you preach about how others should live, the less anyone will want to talk to you. #
  • Now Facebook is giving me marital advice? #
  • I just yelled across the room to my wife, asking what she is up to. Perhaps Facebook is trying to break us up. Seems to be working. #
  • Brillant. I'm totally going to rip this off: #
  • Quoth: "It's like an ignorant masochism." #
  • All must read! – RT @27bslash6: "According to my supervisor, there are no such things as portals." #
  • "Hey you, let's fight!" "Them's fightin' words." #
  • Dear Universe: Any chance I could have not have bothered with grad school? That'd really help me out. #
  • Just once this week, I'd love to not be woken up in the middle of the night. Tonight was twice. #
  • I think I came out of this alive. I think. I guarantee nothing. #
  • I should cook more ribs. Maybe something to try this weekend? #
  • Attempting another freezer fix on my iphone to recover my wifi. It sees full bars on any network, just always claims to have wrong password. #
  • I'm letting the kids resolve their own issues. Mostly for my own amusement. #
  • Victory! Well, for now… #
  • Can I trade in my two older iPods for a (now) previous generation iPod Nano? I think it'd be worth it. #
  • One of my favorite segments from The Simpsons has to be Maggie at the Ayn Rand School for Tots. #
  • This is way too relatable for me: #
  • Charles Ives definitely fits my week. #
  • Believe it or not, but having multiple personal computers fail on you regularly is frustrating. #