More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • RT @johnmoe: I'm always impressed when Minneapolitans are aware St Paul exists. It's like a Royals – Yankees rivalry. #
  • There are some times I miss living in California much more intensely. #
  • Wow, I used to be clever. And I am officially trademarking McCarthy Mouse Club! #
  • If it wasn't for pepper, life would be disgusting. #
  • Girls giggle way too much. It's going to be a long week, I can tell. #
  • Okay, I think I know how I'm going to petition the IRS. But boy it'd be nice to talk to a human to clarify just what I need to send in. #
  • Quoth: "No. Only I talk." #
  • My daughter almost had me convinced that today is Wednesday. #
  • It may not be a cure for writer's block, but I think that watching last week's South Park seems like a good use of time. #
  • #Giveaway Win a Stainless Steel Sharpie, and Two Different Packs of Sharpie Pens from @OfficeSupplyGee #
  • Noise is really brutal to me today. Oh how I long for an office… #
  • I'm on the computer and drinking a beer while my wife makes dinner. I should have a hand in my pants and be watching football too. #
  • RT @27bslash6: Here's one for @CrashHolly because she loves Jeopardy: #
  • So wish I could have been at the #rally4sanity today. Then, of course, catch a plane to wear orange in Arlington! #sfgiants #ws2010 #

Mr Sullivan’s Conservatism

I’m still trying to work on my essay, so submitted for your approval, here Andrew Sullivan outlines his view of what actual conservatism is:

In general, money = power. The more of their own money people keep the more likely it is that the society will evolve the way its people want it to evolve, and not be coerced by some rationalist in government. I prefer markets to make these decisions to governments. But of course, it is equally true (and this is where conservatism has gone off the rails in America) that it is the government’s task to ensure that the game is not rigged, that private corporations do not gain too much power, that politics is not corrupted in this fashion, and that financial markets are robustly regulated and monopolies vigorously broken up. Like Adam Smith, I favor a small but very robust government. In America right now, no one seems to really be able to represent that tradition – although Obama says he does.

The problem is, of course, that neither this conservatism nor this liberalism can work on its own. In advanced societies, we need to find a balance between them. Some things, like infrastructure or defense or even funding public education will need to be done collectively. But there’s a tipping point at which a society becomes centrally run and managed, rather than governed from the ground up by the wisdom of individuals, families, villages, towns and cities. This is the vision behind Cameron’s Big Society, which is why he is a genuine Tory. Even within collectivist institutions, like the National Health Service, he is trying to empower local doctors or within public education, individual school principals, because they are closer to the problems they are tackling than someone in Whitehall or Washington or a state capitol.

I’m still trying to write out my own thoughts. But I agree much with what Mr Sullivan says. It really shows how I don’t think I’ve ever felt properly represented, no matter where I’ve lived. I think I would have been better off as an Eisenhower Republican.

More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • I swear, if this day manages to get any crappy, I'm going to submit it to the Guinness people. First the record book, then the brewery. #
  • Finally, something awesome: My daughter is paying more attention to reading her book than watching TV. #
  • It's only Tuesday and I've had my fill of dealing with urine. #
  • Cowboy Bebop, Taco Bell, and Red Wine tonight. I've earned it. #
  • I've caught a second wind that made me get typing, but I know that if I don't go to bed, tomorrow will be difficult. G'night. #
  • Oh yeah, and GO GIANTS! Good gravy to I miss being around my friends and family in their time of celebration. #
  • Sweet, I think I actually get to watch today's Apple event, in real time. It's been a while. #
  • My cat is snoring on me and it feels too much like my phone vibrating. #
  • 13" MacBook Air for me, please! #
  • I will not troubleshoot your computer or phone troubles via texting. #
  • Quoth: "Please don't put your eraser in your underwear." "No, say it's my heart!" (sigh) "Please don't put your heart in your underwear." #
  • My kingdom for a wall oven and gas cooktop. #
  • Time to do something wild and crazy: actually listen to a podcast. #
  • 8am, I'm putting dishes away. The toddler runs in full-speed: "It's dinner time!?" #
  • I have declared war on my living room. Why? It made me sneeze. #
  • Team Discovery Channel! #
  • I just made a liter of salsa. Booyah! #
  • This year, rather than fight to Respect the Turkey, do we need to now fall back to Respect the Pumpkin? #
  • Toddler pronunciation of "Rice Crispies": "Ass Creepies." #
  • Know what's time has come? White denim. #
  • Dear neighbor, when I can hear your car stereo from 14 blocks away, I don't think you're getting any enjoyment out of it either. #
  • Quote: "Just luck off!" The toddler saying knock it off. #

Now That’s Comedy. Wait, I Mean Tragedy.

Mr Clark over at the Slacktivist finds something properly laughable:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Republican Christine O’Donnell, a candidate for the United States Senate, is unfamiliar with those 16 words.

You really have to check out the video from about the 2:30 mark. Within 30 seconds of that, Christine O’Donnell rightly gets laughed at by the entire room. It is honestly worthy of Saturday Night Live.

There hasn’t even needed to be all that much debate on the topic of religious and secular separation in this country since the Bill of Rights. The biggest debate? Whether to put it in the Constitution proper, or as an Amendment. (The Founders opted for Amendment because they needed to get a functional government, plus it was quite obvious the thing would get passed so they may as well get some practice).

Then comes the tears to my brain. This isn’t a skit. Not a spoof. Not even a snafu. It is a real debate between candidates for the United States Senate. Though tremendously faulty, it is the body that is the true check on Executive power. It is the place in the Federal Government I had most hoped to take my place in (though since I don’t sit well under either political party, those plans are slightly delayed.)

I have more coming. Suffice to say, if we as a people are even considering putting up candidates that utterly deny science, law, history, and even simple fact, then our country’s slow collapse is well underway.

More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • I'm rather sick of doing the whole jailbreaking iOS nonsense. I wouldn't mind being legit for a while. #
  • My daughter likes the Beatles. So proud! #
  • hhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddddddddddddddd #
  • Previous was daughter's first Tweet. Doubly proud. #
  • Giants hella won! I was able to watch and hear the last inning. Go orange and black! #
  • "Back in the hole!" #
  • If I can smell your perfume wafting up through my 2nd story window, you overdid it. #
  • One image down, about half a dozen left to go. Only took me a week… (sigh) #
  • Makin' Buffalo wings! #
  • Makin' Buffalo wings! #
  • Happy 30th Anniversary to my folks! #
  • An elder gentleman just rode by on his bike, and I'm pretty certain it was Bob Kelso. #
  • Appraiser come and gone. Very fast, courteous, and easy to work with. Done in 30 minutes while the kids finished dinner. Go refi! #
  • I am confused. #
  • Tootsie Rolls are gross. And I am apparently the only one who believes this. #
  • I made it through so much of this week. Why does it not feel over yet? And can someone come cook for my kids so I can nap? #
  • I had the best mother son dance at my wedding. Just saying. #

Delayed Punishment

The footnote missing from yesterday’s post:?

*Obviously an homage to our lord and savior, Optimus Prime, king of all Prime Numbers. Prime numbers, of course, being numbers perfectly ripe for the plucking. The modern, mathematical equivalent to the ancient Greek god, Dionysus.