More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • I really don't know if I should be doing what I'm doing today. #
  • I'm really sick of being sick. I'd be more pissed but I'm too beat up. #
  • I love Dropbox because It's so easy to keep my documents on four computers! #
  • Suh-weet! I now have a 3.2 gig @Dropbox! #
  • I have food in me. Cross your fingers that it stays. Lousy flu. #
  • I should become a stay at home writer. I think it'd be a great deal for me. #
  • I think when I'm fully recovered, a Harry Potter screening will be in order. #
  • I hate being out of touch with the world. North Korea attacked South Korea? I missed this!? #
  • I'm playing with a different RSS reader: Gruml. Looks pretty decent at first glance. We'll see if it'll trump my beloved NetNewsWire. #
  • In the next few months, I think I need to score a kebab. #
  • Keep this going! -> RT @pattonoswalt: YES. YES. Pass this around. And thanks, Pixar: #
  • This dad's wish list: Civilization V. Oh, and a computer to play it on. #
  • I feel like watching the Star Trek reboot tonight for some reason. #
  • I pushed myself too hard today and now I feel awful. You're welcome, everyone. #
  • Fried Green Bean Casserole #thanksgivingfilms #
  • The Stuffing #thanksgivingfilms #
  • "There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance."- Ali ibn Abi-Talib #
  • Hmm… I'm starting to think that an iPod may be the way to go for 95% of my phone needs. #
  • Also, I hereby am declaring iPod Touches to just be iPods. Everything is touch now, and wheel iPods are dead. #
  • So… iPod, with Line2 app, and vibrating bluetooth headset. Viable option? Leave the old phone in my bag for when I'm on the road? #
  • Whine of the day: Everything sucks. #
  • Making pizza dough from scratch. 'bout time, too! #
  • Me: "Don't flip backwards in the chair; it's dangerous!" The reply: "I don't want to be your best friend." #
  • I don't think my dough is rising. On to plan two… #
  • I think people think I'm weird. #
  • I am in a Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving. May God have mercy on my soul. #
  • Happy Thanksgiving, Radioland! #
  • Oh, there WILL be Harry Potter tonight. #
  • Trying Kiwi 2. Lots of promise for this program to replace Tweetie. #
  • For those following along: TweetDeck was awful. I can’t stand busy, dark workspaces. Clean and simple for me, please! #
  • Kids are with family for the weekend. What do we do with ourselves? I already cleaned downstairs (except my desk, of course). #

Freedom for Risk

In the past week I have come down with a nasty case of strep (the rest of the family did too) and then starting Sunday I have been fighting a bout of stomach flu to boot. I do my best to keep calm and carry on, but my immune system has been working overtime, preventing me from doing the same. The best that can be hoped for is my stomach to realign itself in time for a bit of turkey and gravy. Pie may be off the menu entirely this year. For now, I’m nursing some tea and about to head to bed.

When able to focus without nausea, I have really been enjoying the writings all over the blogosphere about TSA rules and common sense. It is great to read, but it is not much of a debate. Most seem to end feeling futile and defeated in the face of The Nothing that is irrationality.

I hope to read and write more. Right now, I’m back to my tea and lingering on this quote from our great Benjamin Franklin:

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Every member of my family has been sick since Friday. What a fun trip out for my mom. Hopefully she got some rest after her Texas trip. #
  • We all have strep. #
  • Ich möchte etwas Taco Bell. #
  • The more I read about current TSA rules, the more I know we've failed as a society. Time to invest in a motor home to drive everywhere. #
  • Why do I bother talking? Nobody can hear me anymore. #
  • I just came up with a brilliant remodel for my kitchen. It would make the space so much more open and useful. Who wants to fund it?? #
  • On some wall in my house, for the sake of my daughter, a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, bulletproof mirror needs to be installed. #
  • Smithers, have the Rolling Stones killed. #
  • I should get into podcasting. I like telling people what I think. Thoughts? #
  • My cat is a mix between a black lab and a pack rat. #
  • Salsa!! #
  • Gambled and won! Both kids like the dinner I spent an hour preparing. #
  • I still want a cabin with no electricity. Or maybe just no Internet access? And no TV. With a lake and a canoe. Room to yell at trees. #
  • I should record the sound of me restarting 75 computers in a single keystroke. #
  • I have a need to read! #
  • How can anyone help but go "Aww!" -> RT @normative: Aw, sad bookshelf! #
  • In my head: the theme to "The Muppet Show". Frankly, way way way better than what was in my head earlier this week: #
  • I am envisioning a giant bird feeder filled with all our Halloween candy. #
  • I think I've earned some wine this weekend. What should I go for? Definitely nothing in my special reserve in the basement. Dry red a must. #
  • I accidentally wound my kids up. I think Mommy should come home to play! #

Important Life Choices

A man should always be prepared to have The Talk.

I think I already blew it with Austin. Granted it’s tough. So much of it in every store, newer, flashier, and having less and less to do with more wholesome roots. Especially since the very same filth is all over television nowadays. It becomes its own vicious circle. Time to start planning ahead for Emily, I suppose. I’ll have another shot to get everything in the proper order for her.

At least I still have leverage on the rules about Potter.