Now What Do I Do?

The march of time and fate seem to be against me still. I know not why; I’m just professionally unlucky these past few months (and years, I suppose). After a long weekend of ill health and yet another employment turn-down, it’s time to get up and brush the dust off my chaps.

What should I do now? I seem to be barking up career paths that don’t want me. Time for a change, I think. Anyone know someone looking for an inexperienced writer or editor? I can turn a phrase of my own or spin one of yours. Will work for referrals for now.

Or should I take in some writing clinics? Or try yet again for a teaching license? I know there will be other job openings of this ilk popping up in the next few years. The trickiest part is that where I am now is perfect for my kids. Going boldly out into the world isn’t exactly possible right now, so I need to weasel my way in somehow.

Good thing that’s usually my speciality.

Exemplify Humanity

From Lenore at Free-Range Kids, the worst place to lose a baby:

Readers — This is a non-story about a mom who got her baby’s stroller onto the D.C. metro but then the doors closed before she could get on.

Ritual infant sacrifice time?

Surprisingly, no. Instead, the strangers gathered round the (sleeping) baby, alerted the authorities and got the stroller off at the next stop, where yet more people protected the tyke. All of which prompted one bystander to say that she felt terrible for the mom because this was,  clearly, “the worst place in the world to lose a baby.”

Worst? Where a crowd of people took care of the child, alerted the mom and made sure everything was fine?

The thought here is the most common: what’s the worst situation a child can find themselves in? With people, of course! People are the worst. I am amazed that these delicate offspring of ours manage to morph into those terribly scary people that inhabit your neighborhood, town, and city.

My philosophy regarding my kids is this: I refuse to expect the worst from humanity. My toddler routinely refuses to sit in a shopping cart or hold my hand in a store. And total surprise: my son gets distracted by the Lego aisle. What would happen if one of my kids loses sight of me? They could ask a person for help. From there? They most likely would get help.

This also boils down to that Golden Rule that one dead hippie strolling in the desert used to talk about. If I found a lost child, I would try to help too. I would hate for people to think I had an ounce of malice in my mind (this is a more likely assumption since I am male, sadly). So I refuse to think the same of my fellows I bump elbows with every day.

Seriously, my biggest concern when one of my kids talks to a stranger? That they’ll start mooching food.

[Good thing from the article: I never knew the ‘get off at the next stop and wait’ rule for getting separated on trains. I’ll remember that next time we’re all traveling like that.]

More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Yard: conquered. Time for the proper beverage, I would say. #
  • Seriously? This is how you spend your brief, "quality" time? #
  • I love my wife.

    Yup, I really do. #

  • What an invigorating start to the day. #
  • I should probably remember to breathe at some point this week. #
  • I don't think anything is more debilitating to me than hiccups. #
  • I am not your personal tech support. You want something that risks the functionality of a $300 cell phone? Don't blame me when it fails. #
  • Looking to replace and upgrade our master bedroom furniture. Anyone know of anyone with anything we'd be interested in? #
  • I think today will be a good day to reorganize my RSS feeds. I have so many and I'm not getting through them very well. #
  • Time to wake her up. It's one of my least favorite things to do. #
  • Quote "What did you do with Daddy today?" "Chocolate cake!!" #
  • Hey @JollyAndy! #
  • RT @FakeAPStylebook: Don't use "nerd" to describe geeks. Apparently there's a difference, but who cares, WHO'S READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!? #
  • Disheartening: jobs I went through interviews for getting reposted. #
  • All I gotta say is that tomorrow better be worth the wait. #
  • Damnit, TiVo, you screwed me! #
  • If this gains more ground, I can totally see getting one: #
  • Children, just because a food has flavor does not make it spicy. #
  • Well, fuck this day. #
  • Seriously. #
  • Read this because it's good: RT @normative: Paris Review on cures for writer's block #
  • Already in love with Quiet Read Thanks again, @lifehacker! #

Four Years Ago

Four years ago today, I woke up next to my wife for the first time. And nearly every day since, I have woken up next to that same sweet, smart, smiling, wonderful woman. I count myself lucky to wake up next to her both because I love her and because she decided not to smother me with a pillow in my sleep for something I may or may not have more than probably said the previous day.
I love you, Michelle. That simple thought started this whole thing, and I’m glad for it.

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Very Minuscule Thought

?I’m awesome. I wouldn’t change a thing about me.

Well, I take that back. I would totally have four arms if I could. Then I could hold up my sagging pants, eat hot wings, and talk on the phone all at the same time.


Me Commenting on Bill Maher Commenting on the Rally

(Found via Ta-Nehisi Coates :: The Atlantic.)

I’m with Mr Coates and Bill Maher that the idea that the current crazy left is kin to the crazy on the right is false. I don’t agree with everything in the clip, but the broad point is correct. I think I am naturally conservative, but any time I think that, I have to qualify the statement with lots of “except for”s.

Going back to my previous points, I’m for science. For following the evidence. Tax cuts do not generate wealth, deregulation hurts economic stability (and lets my house, my only real asset, lose 1/5 of it’s value in 2 years), and torture undermines both our standing in the world and the very values of our country.

Couple that with the fact that Republican Members of Congress actually believe Obama is a Muslim, but no Democrat Members believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy says a lot. I, and my friends will surely attest to this, am not now nor have I ever been a liberal. But damn if I don’t keep taking their side when their math adds up better than Republicans.

One last piece of math just to toss out: denying gay marriage means fewer stable, two-parent families, not more.

More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Want to keep a young teenager entertained for hours on end? Give them the ability to take pictures of themselves. #
  • Why can't the ballgame be on during the day today? If I tune in toward the end and the Giants wind up blowing it, I'mma be upset. #
  • I miss playing chess. #
  • Quote: "I don't wanna go to school. I wanna go Trick or Treat!" #
  • I am liking my newly rearranged desk space. #
  • That lunch was utterly necessary. #
  • I can't stop reading them! -> RT @rainnwilson: The Funniest Rally Signs #
  • The winner (okay, so I'm only 100 in): #
  • Okay, props to this one too: #
  • Oh, and I put up a really big post that I hope you read before tomorrow. #
  • "Can of corn!" #
  • GO GIANTS!!! #
  • My Windows server makes noises like an old radiator. #
  • Good Morning, Beethoven's Fifth. You've been needed around here to bolster wary spirits. #
  • This democracy thing is easy. I don't know what other countries' problem is with it. #vote #
  • I wish I didn't have real life to take care of tomorrow, because staying up to watch election results come in was a fun tradition for me. #
  • Nothing like getting work done under the wire. #
  • I should be in San Francisco! #
  • Why oh why oh why is it not Friday? #
  • Why is it when the neighbor boy plays with my son parts of my house are found wrecked? #
  • I really don't care for the way I write the letter k, upper and lower case. Anyone else have a letter they don't like? #
  • Bird is the word. #
  • Leftover lasagne FTMFW! #
  • RT @JollyAndy: If I ever become a zombie, please don't "mercy kill" me as long as there's one person alive who knows science or medicine. #
  • Friday's a good day to experiment. #
  • Rabble, rabble, rabble!! #
  • I really haven't had back problems in my life, but this week has not been good for me. I don't think I've done anything different. #
  • Halloween Kids Fix up at #
  • My kids go through a metric tonne of cereal every week. #
  • My daughter is lecturing my cat. "You have to [babble] [babble] [something]! Okay, Tyrone? Okaaay??" #
  • When again are we able to try for some lateral motion? #
  • Why I don't mop: It doesn't change the appearance of the floor, plus it's filthy again in under 60 minutes (including drying). #
  • World, beer me. #
  • If it didn't take an hour, I would totally bake-fry up some buffalo wings right now. #