The Twitter Feed for 2011-01-30

  • Quick! Look busy! #
  • Oh! I gotta prep for liveblogging the SOTU tomorrow. I love doing this stuff. #
  • I'm about ready to get Reeder for iOS. I love it on the Mac, even though it's missing a couple of features. #
  • I don't think my wife knows just how much I love her. But joke's on her; I don't think I know either! #
  • in vino veritas #
  • How much easier would my life be if you couldn't add attachments to email? #
  • Too rare: I show someone the capabilities of a new app and they fall instantly in love with it. #
  • Leftover chicken and couscous for lunch is a win. Definitely making that meal more often. #
  • Colored Goldfish crackers resemble cat kibble too much. #
  • “@bobandtom: If you're sexting someone who doesn't want to be sexted would it be called molexted?” #
  • To hear people talk, you'd think I was some kind of professional at this. #
  • I regret leaving my glasses on my bedside table today. #
  • I can't stand 40 minutes of harping on me for food. #
  • There are some strange noises emanating from the lab. I feel like Cylons are about to attack from the other side of my cubicle wall. #
  • Why is it when I hear a toddler crying it takes so much effort to keep my mouth shut? #
  • Well, I think I've earned my beer tonight. #
  • I wish happy hour went later so I could actually enjoy it. #
  • I make Smultron look good. #
  • Which is odd, because I have never liked strawberries. #
  • Quote: "What game are you playing, Mom? 'Just Shake It, Baby'?" #
  • I really need to have copies of my favorite apps on my home desktop so I can work down there without missing stuff. #
  • I need to make that chicken more often. The leftovers were amazing. #
  • Best toddler mispronunciation ever: "cat shit." Give up? "Ketchup." #
  • Making M&M cookies. It's an event long long overdue. #
  • Baking cookies and watching science fiction shows. Some things really are genetic. #
  • iPhone 5 to be on T-Mobile too. I'm starting this rumor now. #iphone #
  • Dear Children: The Orchid House cooking staff appreciates your patience this evening. #

Pithy Quote

I would rather have spent time and money on lowering our levels of waste just to find out global warming was false, than do nothing and find out global warming was true.

– Me

A Funny Little Place

The Internet makes our world a very accessible funny, little place.
So I’m going about my business, procrastinating, reading blogs; all the usual. I get to Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy blog and get this amazing view of Orion over some Mayan ruins:

I’m already wondering how quickly I can make this my desktop background for my laptop. I have always had a soft spot for astronomy and exploring the ways of the universe. Then I click over to Stéphane Guisard’s group of photos from Tikal. Perusing those amazing pictures, I find this:

There is something about seeing how the sky rotates over us that gives me pause. Then the bigger realization backs it up: the sky isn’t moving, we’re spinning underneath it.

You can see the pinpoint of our spinning top, the few specks of light we get to see in the evening. It’s all there during the day, though quite a different group being seen from the other side of the planet.

The world is so big and twirling so fast, it is almost impossible for our animal minds to fully grasp all that is in motion at once. Hence why such a view is both enlightening and nauseating at the same time. Just to add to the crazy, where the sun and fellow planets pass through this centrifuge changes through the seasons.

I saw this by following the link trail on digital bits scattered around servers across the world. I saw this and thought, “This must be how a ball feels rolling around on the floor.” We live in a funny, little place.

The Twitter Feed for 2011-01-23

  • Wow, the sweet relief of putting my feet up; it's spectacular. One wouldn't assume it to be this way on a weekend. #
  • I wish my daughter wouldn't cling to me in the mornings before class. The schtick is getting tiresome. #
  • I'm teaching my son how to navigate the Internet using Wikipedia. Totally cool, because all he wants to do is research animals. #
  • Beauty: #
  • I need to catch up on Girl Genius again. That comic is awesome. #
  • I never knew Matthew Broderick played Simba in the Lion King. I thought the only cool person was James Earl Jones. #
  • Did you know it gets cold here? Unbefuckinglievable! #
  • The computer geek's ideal Google: #
  • I want to try properly typing on an iPad. #
  • The term 'snarfle' is not lame. #
  • Apparently there is a temperature difference between the house and the fridge. Weird. #
  • Safe bet: whether someone collapses in the opening scene of a House episode. #
  • I wonder how many instances of Windows I can run on my MacBook… #
  • Pilsner required. #
  • I really need to rewatch Fight Club. #
  • Shittiest start to a day ever. #
  • "You! Fetch me the Wall Street Journal. You two! Fight to the death!" #
  • I just got the awesome, addictive Penguins Arena game for free and saved $20! Check it out… #
  • "Where's my burrito!? Where's my burrito!? Where's my burrito!?" #
  • Anacrusis. #
  • I'm totally doing this! “@mental_floss: Janis Joplin left $2,500 in her will for her friends to “have a ball after I’m gone.”” #
  • I wish I could take off early and nap on the couch with my toddler. #
  • Know what would be really awesome? If you didn't suck. #
  • Just swapped out my mouse for one whose wheel doesn't squeak. How sweet life can be! #
  • I'm using salmon sticky notes? What the hell? #
  • I don't really want to go out and buy softener salt. #
  • "It's the mighty robots from Battlestar Galactica versus the gay robots from Star Wars.” #
  • Potatoes and beer make a meal fit for a man. #

The Twitter Feed for 2011-01-16

  • My house sounds like Troy and Abed's hit film "Space Ships" right now. #
  • Quote: "Ruff, ruff! I want my Daddy." #
  • Do I bother shoveling tonight or try to pull it off at 4am tomorrow morning? #
  • I just realized saying "4am tomorrow morning" is redundant. #
  • I feel like I'm getting non-filibustered by McCain over here… #
  • *headdesk* #
  • This could be so much fun if it weren't insane. #
  • Web meetings don't work in bustling, noisy classrooms. I need an office. #
  • I do like the new Comedy Central logo #
  • *facepalm* #
  • FYI: A search engine is not a web browser. Thank God our computer classes spend 10 weeks in MS Word first. #
  • I need to bring salsa and crackers to work. #
  • I'm toying with a RAM disk for my browsers and RSS reader. I'm not sure how much more sporty things are. #
  • "The Weather of Northern Aggression" line from Colbert last night was brilliant. #
  • My back hurts. I'm going to bed. Hopefully I won't have to shovel for a third day in a row. #
  • I feel like I'm completely and utterly forgetting something important. Hmm… #
  • Hmm… time to start thinking of a nom de plume? #
  • For the first time in the 5 years I've worked here, I think there may be too much on my plate. #
  • You know what, I'm going to go ahead and say what nobody else dares: I'm getting a little sick of all the snow. #
  • The same joke, every day, is always always always funny. #
  • I have a premises? #
  • My life needs more work time to peruse the Beatles discography. #
  • Motherfucker! How many times can I slice my freezing fingers with my OWN HANDS!? #
  • My wife has pretty eyes. #
  • I'm no longer an Aquarius? Fuck everything. I was already on the border between the year of the Dog and the Pig. #
  • I'm really not pleased with my insurance company. It's there for function only right now. #
  • I'm on the verge of beginning the outright conquest of the Western Hemisphere. If you're in, you better be like Flynn. #
  • For the record, the reason I will set the world on fire is because of how often I've pulled paper out of a printer's ass today. #
  • Essentially, the Dye is Cast! #
  • /bows #
  • I love accidentally overhearing people ranting about how badly some computer is functioning while having never said a word to me. #
  • Quote: "Ho, ho, ho." #
  • I need wine and something awesome to watch when the boy goes to bed in a bit. Suggestions? #
  • Pilsner ist gut. #
  • Wow, the 2009 Menage a Trois is really good. I'll have to stick a bottle in storage for a few years. #