The Twitter Feed for 2011-02-27

  • 10:30am: Carnitas seared and sitting in Dutch Oven. Snow has just begun to fly. #
  • I censor myself a lot more than I care to. #
  • My daughter is pretending to play the drums. Shit. #
  • Carnitas consumed. Crispy-ing before serving makes all the difference. G'booyah! #
  • "Coc-cocks for sale! You have to eat it with your hands." #
  • For some reason I think it's impolite to comment on a person's lunch habits, namely calling it boring. #
  • I shouldn't look at pictures of puppies. #
  • Someone should bring me a burrito. #
  • I'll be honest: I'm burning out a bit. #
  • Donning her pink tutu and flamingo backpack, and armed with a single broadsword, she set upon the world. #
  • There's a Museum of Math? Is it like the Creation Museum? Does only God know the last number of pi? #
  • How much I miss having music fill a room just right. #
  • Honest conversations make me sigh. #
  • I finally have a phone with caller ID at work. Let the games begin! #
  • If I didn't have so much to do, I'd say it's time to wipe out my computer and begin anew. #
  • Damn, and I was hoping to keep my iMac rocking just a couple years longer:
    Core Duo, we hardly knew ye. #
  • Mein Rücken tut weh! #
  • I'm starting to cook some mighty fine beans. #
  • When you forget that you had Monday off, it's been a long damn week. #
  • My wife is gorgeous and it's totally not fair. #
  • "Don't chew on your clothes." #
  • “@badbanana: "Use your Endor voice." -Ewok teacher” // "UTINNI" – Exchange student #

The Twitter Feed for 2011-02-20

  • Steve Holt! #
  • Dear iTunes:

    You suck. We're not friends anymore. Don't call me again.

    Evan #

  • My arm hurts. Stupid cat licked it too much. Happy Valentine's Day. #
  • Did you know that noon is a different time of day than 7am? Weird, huh? Who'd have thought… #
  • Know those times when someone didn't follow your directions and it created way more work for you? Those times are swell (like a hemorrhage). #
  • My kingdom for 4GB of RAM and an SSD… #
  • Tonight's wish: a glass of wine and asleep by nine. #
  • Baked beans and toast make me feel like I'm having an English breakfast. Honest, I'm not being sarcastic. Odd memory association. #
  • I'm at home with my little girl today. She has had a cold and needs an extra day of rest. To be fair, so do I. #
  • My computer's battery life stinks. And it still has nearly the factory-level charge. #
  • I dig the new top menu bar in Gmail. Especially the gear icon for settings and account name next to it. Clear and simple. #
  • Smultron's full screen mode is so close to awesome. Just some goofiness with the scroll bar. #
  • Does every Mac have Google Chrome Renderers sucking up every inch of RAM space? It's a little crazy needing 50-100MB for text pages. #
  • Damn, awesome new Sparrow app doesn't send at work. Lousy firewalls blocking IMAP fun… #
  • Why do I feel like I just opened up another can of pain? #
  • Why oh why is there no wine in my house?? #
  • I'm not entirely sure how ecstatic I am about this move. It's in the right direction, but I'm not going overboard with joy just yet. #
  • This is grand. #
  • Steak should be thawed in fridge by now. Going sous vide again tonight. Can't wait. #
  • I think my son's ready for a pad of graph paper, a straight-edge, and a mechanical pencil. #
  • Quick Look works in Sparrow. Diggity. #
  • Two kids up before 7 this morning… what crap. #
  • "Dad, what would happen if a zombie won against a werewolf?" #
  • "Look at her butt! Look at her butt, Dad!" #
  • "No, I'm not a bird! I want a chip!" #

The VD

Why is it that on Valentine’s Day a box of chocolates and flowers means “I love you” while on any other day it would mean “I’m sorry I fucked up”?

The Twitter Feed for 2011-02-13

  • "I'm not even going to bother with a jacket. It's almost 30 degrees out." #
  • Know what would be great? Breakfast. Breakfast would be great. #
  • Looking at a county's demographics: 96% white. I didn't even know that was possible. #
  • Not my county, mind you. I'm sure we're well past the 10% "Differnt" mark. #
  • 34 character address, between the www. and the .com. Beat that! #
  • Greatest feature of Reeder for iOS? I can read the mouseover caption in XKCD. #
  • NEED THIS: “@nbccommunity: "My knowledge will bite your face off!" Get the all new Chang Knowledge T-Shirt …” #
  • I finally see the point of Microsoft updates taking so long: no email access for an hour is great! #
  • I want the iPhone 5 (coming to T-mobile, WINK!) to be the greatest thing and the last phone I'll ever buy. #
  • Oh rock on, Sparrow Lite is working its way through the bowels of the App store. #
  • Looking at the weather, this weekend looks like a good one to try out the new chainsaw. #
  • Turns out my day started out awful and I didn't even know it. #
  • Any chance of getting a bottle of wine delivered? Red, please. California. Dry. I'll thank you once it's in my glass. #
  • "You clapped. That does not deserve an ice pack." #
  • Too. Much. Noise. #
  • I think tonight will have sous-vide steak on my plate. #
  • It's been too long since I've watched MST3K. Space Mutiny is really stinkin' funny. #
  • This needs to become beyond huge: (from #
  • Toddler needs to stop being a toddler. I'm going to record these tantrums, and the ones when she's 13 and make her write a comparison paper. #
  • I have a beautiful wife. #

The Twitter Feed for 2011-02-06

  • My son is awesome, no doubt about it. #
  • I should keep a small container of parmesan at work. #
  • Know all that happiness and good tidings and cheer last month? Fuck that shit. #
  • Last tweet made me sound like the jerk. I am commenting on the rudeness I overhear in the halls. #
  • I am one chipper dude. Why? I'm done with work and I'm not going to think about it until 8am tomorrow. #
  • I'm working with Readability. Does anyone use it to view my blog? For that matter: does anyone view my blog? #
  • Mmm… open-faced sandwich… #
  • I'm crying so much on the inside… #
  • The Luftwaffe had nothing on my kids with paper airplanes. #
  • Remember: You can't spell Relaxo without relax! #
  • Cookin' beans. #
  • It's hard to imagine one's voice booming like a god's from a mountain when the word 'magenta' is used. #
  • I'm starting to get really temped to invest in an SSD for my laptop… #
  • Holy awesome, Batman! “@nbccommunity: Can you feel it? The calm before the storm? An epic battle of D+D is going down tonight at 8/7c!!” #
  • Here's an old quote for you: #
  • Dear Firefox: Thanks for breaking my cow lamp. #
  • I'm tweeting behind the times. I'll need to have a beer and watch Community tonight catch up. #
  • Perfection: #
  • I think I'm ready for a 13" MacBook Air. Anyone want to help me out? #
  • Hmm… what to make for dinner? #

Coming to an Understanding

Growing up and learning what it means to be a man, I could never understand the mentality of those who go to work, come home, and watch television until they went to bed. Life is so finite, how could a rational person waste it like that? There’s too much to read and do to bother with laboring for the sole goal of being passively entertained.

It has been a hard (school) year thus far. Starting last summer, fighting for daycare in order to work extra hours, my job has been wall-to-wall busy. Since September, I have had to force myself to get out of my seat and walk around for a breather, had to remember to eat at some point during the day. Only a couple of weeks ago did I finally get the computers in my building back to where they were when last year ended.

The normal pace of my work had been busy times mixed with lulls, much as the engineering crew of The Enterprise would have had between emergencies. Lulls that let one work on side projects that were interesting rather than desperate.

Another change has been staff turnover. Lots of people shifted to different buildings so half the people I work with I have never met. Those I had worked with most directly have all gone, and I’ve noticed my creativity isn’t as challenged. There was a group of us that would regularly riff off one another, a banter that would keep up the levels of silliness and thus our spirits. While I do enjoy who I work with now, they just don’t have that same mentality.

Thus, as humans do, I have adapted to my environment. The creativity dial has been turned down and I’m simply functioning day to day. And oddly I have matched some of the more vocal opining of my new coworkers.

I don’t like that feeling that I’ve been harboring constant criticism of my peers, whether said or unsaid, and now that I’ve been more aware, I plan to stop. I hate thinking or presuming lowly of people. They are as they are and far be it from me to judge.

The conclusion to draw is that life has not only been busy, but somewhat disheartening. Work has been knocking the wind out of me rather than inflating me as it used to. And that negativity spills into my home life because I have been too drained to keep it walled up in that building.

I’m lifting myself up again now. For some reason in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been more mindful of myself and my own thoughts. Work is just work and my kids deserve better. I’m not going to think poorly of people. I’ll be able to get proper rest and reading in again.

But I can understand people going straight home and watching television until they go to bed. I hate when I fall into that routine too regularly. But I get wanting to detach oneself from the weight of everything else. There’s a reason one of the best remedies for a cold is vegetating in front of the tube.

Work is lightening up a little and I am going to lighten up a lot. I might even become cheerful again. Even crazier, I might even have the energy to properly blog again! Happy times all around.

Except for the color printer on the filing cabinets behind me. By the end of the year I swear that thing is going to have a fire axe in it. The halls will run magenta with toner when my catharsis is complete.