How Droll!

Who says work email has to be professional?

Greetings, One and All!

Due to the testing in the labs through May 20,
Mobile Lab 2 is living in the Library.
It is booked every day during 4th and 5th P
For our class on computer exploratory,
But is otherwise free in the rear of IMC.
To check on its availability,
Please contact our librarian to see
When it’s free to be for thee.

If you don’t require any mobile lab lore,
Please I urge that this message you ignore.
Though I should probably have mentioned that before.
Now, like Benedict, I feel quite the traitor.

Apologies and Thanks!
Sincerely, Evan Fry-or

That’ll get their attention. I got a compliment from the big boss, so I think I’m safe.

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A Lunch Meeting

Dude: “Hey, wanna go get some lunch?”

Guy: “Sure! What sounds good?”

Dude: “How about getting some tacos?”

Guy: “Nah, Mexican upsets my stomach. Let’s just hit up a sandwich place.”

Dude: “Works for me.”

Guy: “Hmm… what to get… Maybe a wrap. What comes on that?”

Delicateer: “It’s meat, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream in a flour tortilla.”

Guy: “Delicious! I’ll have that.”

Dude: “You know you’re an idiot, right?”

Guy: “Nope.”

The Twitter Feed for 2011-03-27

  • Made it to the gate with two kids in 20 minutes. MSP, take note from SMF. #
  • If I roll my eyes any harder, I'm going to be ill. #
  • Not long ago I cleaned the inside of my microwave. Today I realized I missed the door. #
  • I'm phoning it in today. I think we need the proper recovery. #
  • May be time to load up some old Simpsons for while I cook. What season should I go for? #
  • Let OS 9 DIE! #
  • Another reason to get a newer iPhone: Final Fantasy games. #
  • I think my children see me as little more than a vending machine. #
  • Art of Fugue. #
  • I think the whole room just sighed and rolled its eyes. I am impressed. #
  • I have heat in my house again. It took 40 minutes and didn't cost a dime. Win. #
  • Only downside of trying an Android phone: no Final Fantasy games. #
  • I made exactly 3 baker's dozen cookies. It feels deliciously sinister. #
  • I'll be honest, I'm kinda excited for the boy and for myself. Completely different reasons. #
  • So close yet so far to my dreams of a decent phone. #
  • Big brother is plopping little sister onto a whoopee cushion. I can only assume it is for scientific purposes. #
  • My computer does not function well at all anymore. Time to wipe it out. #


Breaking out of the water, his lungs filled with cold air. Thin hair matted down and pale face framed by the splashing water. The world glowed red behind tightly closed eyes.

Throwing out an arm, he grasped the wooden dock. Pulling up his weight, both forearms holding him up, he drew in breath after breath.

Basking with his face in the sun, he stayed hanging in the water, savoring the clear air that had been absent for what felt like half a lifetime. In and out were the only thoughts.

Finally his eyes opened, the vision blurred in spots by drops of water on eyelashes. With a deep breath, he finally brought his body out of the water. Crawling on his knees on the dock, the sun-warmed wood felt welcoming to his skin. He rolled over and fell asleep with the sun on his smiling face.

Waking later, the sun slightly lower, he got up. He dusted off a bit and stretched onto the balls of his feet. Looking around the horizon, his eyes finally adjusted. At long last, with a deep sigh of relief, he set off down the dock and along the path.

A slight grin curled his cheek.

California Vacation, Days 1 & 2

My apologies for the lack of updating here. I’m sure I’ll fill you all in another time as to why. But suffice to say: we’re on long overdue vacation in California for Spring Break.
From March 11, Day 1.

Waiting at the gate in MSP. The consequence of creating the iPhone so easy a child could use it.

The view out half the windows at my parents’ house.

Boy and pond. Things were thrown.

So much green.

My girls as the sun sets.

Sunset behind the Sutter Buttes and the very distant gray Coastal Mountains.

From March 12, Day 2.

Snack time with an audience.

Off to visit Great Grandma. And the kids basically looked like blurs running around. At least M and I had a chance to sit and visit.

Em brought Granda Pam some flowers.

Pouting about something.

Preparing the flowers with Gram and Great Grandma.

Goofing around at snack time.

I believe this was a great big, “Pleeeeease!?” to milk Gram for all she’s worth.

Four generations of the women in my life.

The German Koenen descendants.

Dinner overlooking the world.

We are so happy to be here. A great sigh of relief came when we finally boarded the plane and knew we were on our way. Now we get to enjoy sleepy, rainy days in the gold country up here. As long as I get to read and Gram and Granddad get some good time in with the kids, it will all be a grand success.

The Twitter Feed for 2011-03-13

  • My daughter with her hair in braids looks like some kind of Bavarian princess from the alps. #
  • Re, last tweet: "Kid-Tested, Third Reich Approved!" #
  • “@jzeller: Whoever introduced me to Community is a real jerk!” – Haha, and you're welcome! #nbccommunity #
  • Watching my niece chatting online breaks my little Grammar Nazi heart. #
  • If this wasn't going to be a short week, a bottle of wine would be opened. It may still happen. #
  • Tres tacos, una cerveza, muchas interrupciones. #
  • Good Morning, Twitter! We got over 4" of snow last night. I think Zeus is giving me the finger. #
  • The morning announcements reader pronounces "audition" as "edition". It disturbs me. #
  • The complete ignorance of children is beautiful. #
  • The kids dug on the paninis I made tonight. Victory is mine! #
  • "Here's your sword. I have my sword. Let's go get Austin over there." #
  • My will be done! #
  • Step one complete. Attempting step two. Ambiguity level: stable. #
  • The South "seceded" from the Union, not "succeeded" from the Union. That's a pretty important line to get right. #
  • Step two, damn and (sigh). Back to beta, finding a drawing board. Mysteriousness: maintaining normal levels. #
  • #iPhone5 will be up to 32/64 GB and run on the merged T-Mobile/Sprint network. #Apple #
  • There is very little going on today, and I am very grateful for that. #
  • Never fails: within 30 minutes of leaving, I get an email loading up a clusterfuck for the coming days. #
  • If you haven't talked to me about plans for when I fly out to CA on Friday, you need to get on it! #
  • When there's a town called Northfield and it's well to the south of you, and that doesn't trouble you, you know you're a Minnesotan. #
  • Some things I'm glad I miss in life. #
  • Dear Honda, I have a brilliant idea for you: Element Van. Extend it and add some seats. $500k over 5 years will do fine as payment, thanks. #
  • This put a smile on my face today: I am officially ready for spring break. #
  • This is a legitimate need, right? #
  • If laziness was an olympic sport, I still wouldn't bother showing up to receive my gold. #
  • Damn. I almost had hope to exchange a bucket of Canadian coins. #
  • Dear Canada, I will trade you some of your coins for some of mine. Or hell, I'll take a check. Let me know! #
  • In Smartsville, though I've learned that's the wrong county. Mountain people are odd. #

The Twitter Feed for 2011-03-06

  • My daughter saying, "I want a bagel!" sounds more like "I Winnebago!" #
  • Eggs are great with hot sauce. #oscars #
  • Just ate $3 worth of Wendy's, paid for out of my car's change cup. #oscars #
  • I can't believe I wrote an incomplete sentence. #oscars #
  • Took a break from my paper to watch a couple Beavis & Butt-Head episodes. #oscars #
  • I want the imaginary thing I just wrote a paper about. #oscars #
  • Firing off another one into the void. #
  • I need to remember to bring salsa to work. #
  • My eyes are starting to burn. The sleepless night with a restless toddler. #
  • I will try this, but with a cork. #
  • “@GillianJacobs: Recently rediscovered this genuinely hilarious promo with @joelmchale and Chevy:” – Awesome! #
  • I'm thinking I may try to turn Twitter into a way to create a daily links post. Any way to make WordPress discern between tweets with links. #
  • Sheesh, even I don't whine about doing work like that… #
  • Damn you, PowerPoint! #
  • My little girl isn't feeling well and has tucked herself in on the couch. Just disheartening, really. #
  • Hints of iPhone 5 heading to T-Mobile and Sprint hinted at during today's event. #ipad2 #
  • I think I'm seriously considering Grad School… #
  • Zero inbox makes my heart sigh with joy. #
  • Time to buy some zicam meltaways in bulk. #
  • Deleting email from people you can't stand feels good. #
  • Have I mentioned that I hate when the subject of an email is just labeled "Help"? #
  • I'm sick of overfeeding my kids, I'm sick of the bitching about what I make, and I'm just plain sick as well. #
  • “@AznGirlfriend: This week has been rough and a blessing all the same” Well said. #
  • It's almost 8am and I've received no email yet. The silence is ominous. #
  • Ladies and Gents, the Internet is a rather stable structure now, capable of handling DOZENS of people looking at a single video at a time. #
  • About to test the capabilities of my new digs. Lamely exciting. #
  • Nailed: #
  • Just enough time left in the day to blow things way out of proportion. #
  • I need to stop dwelling on the fact my computer barely runs what I need it to, and two better machines are unused. #
  • I think I will do the dishes and finally finish the last three episodes of BSG. 'Bout damn time, too! #
  • I rocked the house. My feet are up now. #