The Twitter Feed for 2011-08-07

  • Two words: Samurai Jack. #
  • Looks like we're replacing floors. At least the upper floor. #
  • It, ladies and gentlemen, is war. #
  • How did I not know about hitting f for full screen view in Google Reader? What a huge improvement for that web UI. I feel slightly foolish. #
  • Oh yeah, and I guess I'm downloading Lion tonight. #
  • Sad that I'm happy to only pay $3.60 a gallon. #
  • Fat Tire is the beeriest beer that ever beered. #
  • Love having a fun new camera. #
  • Finally got Alfred installed on my work computer. Now I feel much less handicapped. #
  • Woot! All my orders are en route to my house. I'm going to spend every minute of this week geeking out to Unix and Nixon. #
  • Things I dig: Unix. Nixon. The opposite sex. Experience points. I have a thing for the letter X, apparently. X-mas > Christmas? I think so! #

The Twitter Feed for 2011-07-17

  • I'm about ready to bite the bullet and buy Reeder for Mac. Wish I knew a timeline for a NNW update. #
  • I'm getting hooked on Duck Duck Go. #
  • Being at home during the summer makes me constantly contemplate how I'd gut my house. #
  • "No more. We'll save the rest for later." "No! That's not the deal!" #
  • Yup, Reeder purchased. Couldn't be avoided. #
  • "Rock-a-bye baby, on the tree trunk. There was a little bug on our house…" #
  • A special song to go to bed: "Why oh why oh why oh why oh why…" #
  • I'm still working toward my ultimate goal: buying a major league ballpark and charging a max of 20 bucks a ticket. #
  • W00T! I think I've earned a glass of wine. #
  • "Why did you open the curtains?" "'Cause I like to see the world." #
  • My wife surprised me with Fat Tire tonight. Can life get better? I submit that it cannot! #
  • I want this epitaph: #
  • The red in me is wine,
    The woman next to me is fine;
    I'm going to bed, so the night is thine. #
  • Looks like another big storm will bypass us. No hail damage to pay for our siding once again =/ #
  • "I want a horsey and a lion and the sparkliest sword ever in the world." #

The Sound of Humanity

From my dearest posting on Google+.

I read stories like this from both World Wars often enough. Never mind the propaganda and rhetoric: we were never at war with Germany, we were fighting Nazi Fascism.

It’s hard remember that being a soldier is not being a criminal. We and they know that we’re all actual people in this world. A piece of that understanding feels lost in our modern wars.

No longer are the soldiers drafted citizens fulfilling their duty to their homeland. Now it’s a juggernaut stepping on anthills. As much as both sides want to make the world better, the plight of the opposition is missing from consideration.

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The Twitter Feed for 2011-07-10

  • July 5th needs to be a national holiday as well. Why not just call off the whole week? America deserves it. #
  • Pretty damn good day. I’ve earned this Kilt Lifter. #
  • Lucked out that my wife likes awkward boys. #
  • @kottke: Monkey self-portraits This is awesome! And unsurprisingly better than every teenager’s Facebook page. #
  • I need to have a conversation with someone involving the phrases “Dash it all!” and “I say!” Don’t run into enough old Britons in Minnesota. #
  • Cooking while watching Star Trek TNG just feels right. #
  • “Is that all I am to you? A vending machine!?” “Yes. Push, push, push. You’re turning, Dad.” #
  • Here you go, @leannrose #

The Twitter Feed for 2011-07-03

  • I have a strange urge to start playing Magic the Gathering again. #
  • Having a plate of pasta without bread to wipe up the remaining sauce seems like a tremendous waste. #
  • “One… Two… Three. Not my friend!” #
  • “I love salads! With the lettuce and dressing and protons.” #
  • @valecp: @ebfryer: Yeah, I hear they have great neutronal value. /applaud #
  • My son is about to leave for a 10 day trip to the East Coast. I’m not worried about him; I’m worried about me. #
  • My wife put in an order at @JetPens. Guess I’m just going to be refreshing my tracking status for the next week. Bye bye, productivity. #
  • Thanks @valecp for considering me such a boastful douche! Here’s a pint and a pile of nachos, thinking of you! =D #
  • I daresay that Crack Baby Athletic Association is one of the best South Park episodes made. Period. #
  • “I think we need to go to the grocery store.” “Oh really? What do we need there?” “Peanuts. Bye!” #