The Twitter Feed for 2011-08-28

  • Out with the old and in with the new. The transition to my new job is official. #
  • "Do you know what ass means? It means you all love me." #
  • Oy, so hard to hold back buying and installing Lion and iPhoto… #
  • Telling jokes about Indians is evil. It's a mock-a-sin.

    (braces for impact) #

  • vimtutor #
  • First I resign from my job, now Steve Jobs leaves Apple? What's next, Gaddafi leaves after 40 years in power? #stevejobs #
  • What I'm doing right now is cool. #
  • Allergies be damned. This week I'm going to be leaving my windows wide open. 70 in August? It's what dreams are made of! #

Onward and Upward

It feels like a long time coming, writing this.
After five years, half a decade (to make it sound more impressive), I’m bidding farewell to my school and am working in the private sector. The new gig is at an ad agency in the city, where the hip people are. I’m still doing IT support, but then again I’m going to go way beyond that. There are opportunities to wield computer systems in ways I’ve only speculated on before. I’m going to become the second in a two-man team to keep these systems running. It’s very cool, geeky stuff.

I found this gig through Craigslist of all places. To add to the utterly coincidental nature of it, it was using an utterly unprofessional cover letter. They hired me on for a month of contract work this summer. Following some very kind compliments, I was offered to stay on full-time. After much deliberation over the weekend, on Monday I accepted the offer and submitted my resignation to the school.

Still, so many years and misplaced ventures are being left behind. I will miss some of what I used to do, but oddly most will have nothing to do with my job requirements. The computer work was fine, but stagnant. Working with the kids, though, was great. Between the occasional snot-nosed punk were huge swaths of good-natured, budding minds that were as insane as they were delightful. And I learned so much from the good people who stood in front to show them their world.

I’m glad to be moving on. Very glad. There is a lot of ground to recover for them, and I wish them all the best. But I’m happy to move to a place where I am the one learning so much and getting inspired again. I’m surrounded by incredibly creative, savvy people and I can only image what I will glean from them. Hopefully they won’t mind me asking questions about their work.

It has been a long, bittersweet day. I’m not a very sentimental person, and I loathe goodbyes, so I’m glad the school was nearly empty as I carried my banker’s box out.

I’m not one to believe in signs either. But after loading my box into the back of my little station wagon, buckling up, and turning the ignition, the classical station came on. It was in the middle of playing Shostakovitch’s Festive Overture.

It felt appropriate.

The Twitter Feed for 2011-08-21

  • Yup. #
  • I think I just rickrolled myself. #
  • Saddest thing ever delivered on my desk: an empty cake box. #
  • I can't decide between eating the leftovers I brought or going out and grabbing a hoagie. These are the times that try men's souls. #
  • Quiet dinner couldn't come fast enough. #
  • Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a gas, gas, gas! #
  • Quote: "And when you poke a hole in the dinosaur, he will die." #
  • Quote: "I'm the doctor, I don't know how to read it. I'm the doctor!" #

The Twitter Feed for 2011-08-14

  • Well, after much hacking around, is up and running. Hopefully it will run identically to my old site. #
  • And now, if you don't mind, I'm going to pull this migraine out of my head with a rusty hook. #
  • My one chance to mow the lawn in weeks and it's still too wet. My neighbors better enjoy jungle wildlife. #
  • There is nothing to make up for a lack of clarity like a pile of extra words. #
  • Um, this instant photo upload to G+ is not something I signed up for. Uncool and creepy, Captain No-Evil. #
  • Boys need to play with fire. #

What a Trip

Well, that was some frustrating excitement.

I moved to a new domain after my host decided to nail me left and right. I’m still working on getting my old domains to forward to this one, but that might take some time. At least for now, (wonderfully shorter, right?) will get you back to where I’m from.

Most of all, this move was rather hackneyed on the tech-admin side of things. So if you run into bugs, let me know.