The @ebfryer Twitter Feed for 2012-07-22

  • My personal shopping assistant. #
  • "That was a well-plotted piece of non-claptrap that never made me want to retch." #
  • Using telnet feels like a hacker adventure, but knowing what it really is feels lame. #
  • "A Streetcar Called Marge" is easily one of the best Simpsons episodes ever. Ever. #
  • In the near future, pulling something out of one's butt will be called 'googling'. #
  • I hate being awkward white people. #
  • @valecp not nice to laugh at those less fortunate, Valeré! in reply to valecp #
  • @valecp Well, both now. Thanks for rubbing the salt in… in reply to valecp #
  • @valecp Oh well. I'll just have to console myself with getting full pay and wielding more political influence. #sadtruth in reply to valecp #
  • @valecp Wow. lol in reply to valecp #
  • @valecp Me too! Wish I knew when our next California trip will be. in reply to valecp #
  • The amount and quality of geekery traversing these hallowed tubes would awe the mightiest among us. #
  • @MrAtheistPants We really don't. We just assume it'll be the byproduct of everyone thinking for themselves. in reply to MrAtheistPants #
  • When a pirate mentions something strange, he calls it. bizARRR. When a pirate visits a flea market, he goes to a bazARRR. #truth #
  • My wife's laugh still enchants me. #
  • Why are drivers license photos so terrible? Because they’re a picture of you at the DMV. #questionanswered #

The @ebfryer Twitter Feed for 2012-07-15

  • I just cooked fish at home. Without breading. Holy shit. #
  • "people to leave their spots so I can silently swoop in and harvest their technological remains like some kind of cyborg vulture." #
  • Which is more terrifying? Cybulture, or Vultorg? #
  • Why eat Taco Bell? For the guaranteed sick day tomorrow! #
  • Remember the adage: "You sweat what you eat." #
  • Least fun conversation for a man: pregnancy war stories. #
  • The day the Muppets met Youtube was a watershed in my enjoyment of the Internet. #
  • @MissMurtagh I totally just watched that, hence the tweet! But oh man, Swedish Chef Popcorn, Carol of the Bells, all awesome stuff! in reply to MissMurtagh #
  • @MissMurtagh Needless to say, most definitely! in reply to MissMurtagh #
  • @MissMurtagh lol, yes! The four year old will probably dig it. Nay, she will dig it. Or else! in reply to MissMurtagh #
  • You can't claim religious persecution because people voiced an opinion on the Internet. #
  • There's Indian in my tummy. #
  • Why is it I feel compelled to slug someone in the gut when they say 'job creator'? #
  • @JennyJohnsonHi5 Finally, a decent replacement for Simon Cowell. in reply to JennyJohnsonHi5 #
  • Why do TV channel metaphors on the Internet feel just as dated as trolley references? #
  • Our cat, Louis KTA, comes to my son when he calls him down for bedtime. #adorable #
  • BTW, Louis KTA’s name is pronounced Louis Kitteh. But we just call him Louie. His older bother is Tyrone Biggums, Esq. #
  • I swear I just saw Wayne Campbell. My question: Where's the Garth? #
  • "Are you saved?" – question asked by evangelicals and IT departments alike. #
  • @jzeller nice to see you in the AM. in reply to jzeller #
  • Justice Sotomayor was on Sesame Street. There's no joke here. I'm kinda impressed by both sides. I'd be freaked if it was Scalia. #
  • Why are some of the most special words in my life 'Grab some pine, meat!'? #
  • For fuck's sake, Target! Quit selling me expired yogurt. #

Eject the Core

My last post turned into a small confession.
I have felt too often my views are stifled, primarily by my instinct to not draw attention to myself and not make waves of any kind. While I say the ridiculous among those I love, I do it because I know that love is enduring and I have comfort in spouting what I can. Also, this generally means I pity my loved ones for having to live with me.

There was a brief time where I thought of keeping anonymous at a separate blog, the Simple Humanist. A combination of me whittling down my philosophies of life, physical and metaphysical. I posted a few times, but it went essentially nowhere. Looking back, that project was a while ago.

Time speeds by us all. You have to get on the trolley or you do nothing. Either way, you wind up dead. My silence is me standing around doing nothing. I can’t get on the trolley without taking a step. Even if it could pick me up, standing on the tracks would be more likely to shorten my time.

My plan is to be more honest with myself, to deny less of who I am. I don’t think I’ll intentionally be rude, and nobody’s place is to say if someone is stupid for thinking one way or another. It’s all a matter of pointing out fallacy when you see it. I missed plenty of notes in rehearsal, but it never meant I wasn’t a capable player. That was bad, you’re not bad; the difference is right there.

So I can’t really apologize in advance for what I say here. Besides, this is my blog, my brain, and you enter at your own risk. Plenty of other channels out there.

(Why do TV channel metaphors on the Internet feel just as dated as trolley references?)

I am a lifelong atheist, and have never been a Christian. The latter is a given based on the former, but due to the majority around me, that statement often clears up confusion. I’ve not strayed from the flock nor fallen from grace. I’m a clean-living, silly-talking family man who finds religion not only unnecessary to lead a good life but is often a negative influence.

I don’t care much for the term atheist, either. Defining yourself by a negative is weak. It does help though when most people have a different basis of reference. But I think Humanist is the better noun, atheist is the adjective. I believe in the good of humanity as a whole, that we are capable of progressing ourselves for the better. We’re built to live and protect as a group, with love and art being the enormously powerful reaction based on the fusion of those simpler elements.

Atheist for me remains the adjective, remaining not the sole defining factor of who I am. We all have many facets to ourselves, there’s no way a single moniker tells the whole story. My Humanism is certainly a part of who I am, and holding it in at some times while not at others is ridiculous.

I’d rather the ridiculous in my life be limited to the things I spout out rather than what I hold back.

Too Young To Decide

I play cards at a game shop about once a week. It’s nice to have a break from any screens or even concerns outside of what strategies are and aren’t working.
Last time I was out on Friday night, it was at a much larger gathering. There were more younger kids, ones that were about middle school age, with the rest of us ranging from late high school through middle age. I’m naturally a bit aloof and outside of conversation, and this particular place wasn’t my regular haunt, so I spent most of my time observing and listening. It’s amusing to hear how young kids speak, and considering this is similar to the crowd I grew up amidst, it’s plenty familiar.

Some of the younger kids were chatting and at a random point, one of the boys declared that he’s an atheist. The others at my table heard it too and gave each other looks. They were a group of brothers with another friend or two. And one said to the group, “Wow. A bit young to be deciding that sort of thing?”

As is my normal reaction, I am silent with a non-commital look. Think of Jim from The Office.

And then it festers in me, until I’m doing some other irritating, mindless task, such as trying to get my sprinkler pump to work again (no dice on that). Then the realization: it’s a huge double-standard.

I could be incorrect, but my presumption is that group of nearly identical, blond young men were Christians. And I should have replied to that statement,

“Well, that’s a bit of a double-standard now isn’t it? How old were you when you could tell someone ‘I’m a Christian.’ Even more specifically, when could you first say definitively that you were a Lutheran or a Baptist? I know I disbelieved in a god earlier than I disbelieved in Santa Claus.

“Granted, every 14 year old is a fool, as well they should be. We all pick absolutes that get completely shattered by our second decade. Kids spout whatever they think will make them strong, so there you have it. But drop the idea that we’re all Christian by default and everything else is a decision.”

Something along those lines. Wish I was a combination of more outward and quicker wit to come up to any kid’s defense. But alas, I’m left with passive aggression on a mostly-neglected blog.

The @ebfryer Twitter Feed for 2012-07-08

  • My life: "I'll be upset if I mess up this coffee." "You'll be bitter about it?" (glares my way) #
  • “@bonniegrrl: Iconic Images Recreated w/ #StarWars Figures – /via @ladyenigma” @OfficeTrooper, this one's for you! #
  • I can't seem to stop cutting the cheese. #
  • My jar of salsa and my adult beverage are too similar in size and shape and too close together for this to end well. #
  • I think somebody finally won the Internet. “@antiheroine:” Or at least my heart. #

The @ebfryer Twitter Feed for 2012-07-01

  • My daughter is being so sweet and kind to me tonight, I think I ought to make her a special dinner. Anyone know where I can get some gruel? #
  • Happy girlie when the camera is on her. #
  • Little sister took this picture. #
  • Chess. #
  • Best. Receipt. Ever. #
  • Four o'clock finally happened. Finally. #
  • Here's to Friday: the day you earn. #
  • There's a swingin' town I know called… Capital City. #
  • "Heat wave to continue." Or as we in the North say: "Winter is coming." #
  • There's a kid wearing the black and orange at the Twins game today. Makes me miss my mom a bit. #MLB #sfgiants #mntwins #
  • Just posted a photo #
  • Hermoine Explains It All #HarryPotterTV #