Kids for Thanksgiving

Editor’s note: this post was half written in my queue and I don’t know why I never really hit publish. It’s been trying to get myself to do much of anything, to say the least. So let’s hear it for an adorable pick-me-up.

I have cute kids. Most of the time, they’re what keep me getting up each morning. That and they’re the ones waking me up.

This first group is from November 3rd. Austin and I were just playing cards on the floor one morning and I had to do something to keep the Little Sisterâ„¢ at bay. My attempt failed and she took my phone instead. Below is her discovering the video mode.

[The beard is leftover from the 2012 Baseball Postseason. You’re all welcome.]

I still have no clue what’s going on.

From November 13th. The lad’s teacher put his artwork on a background to frame it. Mighty proud. Both him and me.

From November 17th. I don’t remember if this was M or the Lass snapping this picture. I really forget just how thin my hair is anymore.

And later that day while I’m out doing yardwork, the girlie is rocking the training wheels.

Last, from November 20th. Just my pair o’ kids. They may drive me crazy in their own special ways, but these two absolutely adore each other. Once they’re older and they rise up against me, I’m doomed. Oh hell, we all know I already am.

And later that day, probably while I’m making lunch and watching Colbert, someone just has to butt in and strike a pose for attention. I believe the outfit was entirely of her choosing.

And there went November. Sorry for the delay!