My Holy Sacrament…

Today, the game has returned.  In commemoration of the Great Bambino, I partook of the holy sacrament: a hot dog and a beer.  So far now, it’s the bottom of the Seventh and the Twins are up 3 to 2.
The best part is sharing this with my son.  He’s slowly beginning to grasp who is doing what on the screen and what it means for the game.  It’s great watching him get excited over a swing-through strikeout (though he forgets which team we are rooting for).  It’s grand.  I love answering his questions about what is going on.  I am definitely looking forward to taking him, and eventually the girl too, to ballgames with me.

I also like how watching this inspires him to play.  Better than any cartoon, baseball will make a kid want to run outside with a bat and a glove and take some swings.  I’m already planning out my summer to involve lots of the baby napping in the shade while he and I throw around a ball for a bit.

Oh, by the way, it’s snowing nice and wet and hard, and it has been doing that all day.  Reminds me a bit of a rant from last year.

Play ball, folks!