Recap Nightcap…

My oh my has it been a week.  I think it may be best to go through it chronologically, since, amazingly enough, that is how it happened.
Last Sunday was Easter.  For me, this meant struggling to wrap my mind around twice-a-year church-goers who talk throughout Mass while doing my best to hide my contempt for even false capitulation.  Neither endeavor was successful.  At least the end of the day got me fed and I watched my son enjoy strapping on a helmet and riding around on a scooter for the first time.

Monday was supposed to be my first day of work returning from spring break.  However, my baby girl had not even been a week old and needing to go in to the doctor kept me from heading in.  Emily’s eyes had begun to yellow to the point of worrying M and I about jaundice setting in.  We knew her biliruben levels had jumped quite a bit by her tests the Friday prior, so we went in.  The doctor reassured us that she did not look any worse than when he saw her three days before, and we opted out of doing another test.  It is a dreadful test.  They prick the baby’s heel and for several minutes squeeze the blood out of their foot.

Tuesday I made it in to work.  Eventually.  I parked my car in the lot and headed to the front door.  As usual this time of year, snow has been melting off during the day and refreezing overnight, creating sheets of ice everywhere in the morning.  I made it across the first parking lot glacier.  On the second, I felt completely sideways, buckling my right foot underneath me.  It hurt.

I limped my way inside and after the bells to start class had rung, I hobbled on down to the nurse’s office.  There the health para gave me some ice and ibuprofen and a work injury form to fill out.  I made it through the rest of the day, avoiding having to go too far anywhere and working toward getting the new computers in the labs set to be functional.  Yeah, those efforts were futile.

Wednesday I woke up with enough pain in my foot to call in sick and make an appointment with the doctor.  Some cool x-rays were taken of my foot that I regret not asking for at the end.  It luckily turned out my foot did not have any broken bones and my injury was just a sprain.  That night I still wound up going to my economics class.  It was the review day for next week’s exam, and considering my score on the last one, I wasn’t about to miss this review.

Thursday I returned to work, though still feeling mildly gimpy.  I did my best to cover my limp, though I am certain it just made it look all the more fake and comical.  My work on the new lab computers continued, however more slowly.  The system of doing entire labs en masse via the network was regularly failing, so by hand we went on.  By the end of the day, my comrade, Josh, and an Apple Computers representative were in the second lab, trying to get it all to work.  I happily just left them to go about their business and went home for a few minutes before going off to my psychology class.

Friday earned me no respite.  The labs were imaged, but still not completely up to code.  However, that did not stop some of the more obnoxious sets of classes from using the computers.  I think part of what made it all so tough to sit through was that the teacher had really given up on the kids and stopped teaching.  She was just going through the motions.  That’s a hard thing to watch when that person is in the profession you are working so hard to be a part of.

At least Comrade Josh was able to help me procure a cheap backup drive for my computer at home.  For some time now, I’ve been meaning to back up our digital lives and leave it stored in the fire safe just in case and do those backups once a month.  My evening left me copying over all our important bits to be finished the next day.

Saturday, today, I continued to work with the computer backups and also upgraded our whole system to the latest Mac OS, Leopard.  All was successful, and the system is fresh and sleek again.  To celebrate the freshly functioning computer and having done my homework and some cleaning chores, I ordered up some pizza to pick up.  I did my order online, changed Emily’s diaper, and headed out the door.

As soon as I got back into my car with pizzas and two orders of garlic with bread underneath, I buckled up, turned the key in the ignition, and watched my engine stall and die.  Wait, what?  I tried again.  No luck.  Couldn’t even get it to start up again.

So M strapped in the kids and came and got me while I described this all to the father in law.  He came down with his truck and we, um, delicately towed my poor, precious wagon back home.  Near as we could figure out, for some unknown reason, the fuel pump refuses to function.  Grand.

I think I may just sleep through tomorrow and start again on Monday.