A Brief Silence…

We made it home on Wednesday evening after final checkups on Mommy and Emily at six.  Since then, things have been quiet.  Austin stayed over at Grandma and Grandpa’s that night as well to give the three of us a little time to relax after our hospital stay.  Now our family of four is home and here to stay.
When we left home on Monday afternoon, it was all still in a state of disarray since the baby shower was on Saturday and Sunday was interrupted by the usual nonsense.  Now since having Emily join us and come home, our loads of equipment have somehow tripled.  So we’re slowly piecing things together, finding convenient places for all of it, and seeing what actually works and what only seems good in theory.

All is well.  Emily went in for an initial checkup on Friday, and they tested her again to see if jaundice is setting in.  Things are still good, but we’ll be watching closely just in case.  It helps that Mommy and I can barely take our eyes off her anyway.

I’ll write more about the whole event when I have some more specific downtime.  On top of the stuff we have to do to reestablish our house as a home for four, my dear lappy decided to end its life rather abruptly.  The disconnect from the digital world is a tad unnerving, but also nice.  All will be back up and running when I get back to work on Tuesday (I think I will take tomorrow off as another day to sort and clean and whatnot.)

In all, Austin, M and I are still on Cloud Nine.  Though honestly, I’m waiting to be able to breathe.  Emily is so small and quiet, my ears prickle to hear her through the silence.  I’m far more attuned to Austin’s general decibal level and when it’s quiet, that’s when I check on him.  Plus it doesn’t help me that I’m completely stuck on my baby princess.  At least M smirks at me as the ‘Doting Daddy’.

Either way, I’m not planning on being able to draw a stable breath until about 2033.