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For a long time, I have held the view that the American political system was never intended to have parties.  While all legislative maneuvers boil down to a yea or nay vote, each legislator would represent their constituents and vote in whatever direction they feel will benefit them.  The very concept that a land of three hundred million people, or for that matter, a group of three or more, can fall into one of two camps has always been sheer nonsense to me.
I have always felt apart from the two major political parties of the United States.  The things I believed in would toss me across both sides of the aisle.  So what to do?  When the time came, I did not register with any party.  I was always planning to vote for the person I saw fit for any given office, as I think it should be.

Sparked by an article I read about Generation X (of which I am at the very tail end, I think), and having always had these ideas in the back of my mind, I started listing out my own political beliefs.  Now, most feelings I have on these points are fluid, and it depends on how the world turns for me to retain or change my ideas.  Basically, I’ll I’m saying is that these ideas are far from permanent, and hardly fully explained to their greatest detail.

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Categorize Me…

Economics: Oft best left without government intervention.  Subsidies should be switched from agriculture to manufacturing for the sake of preserving our ability to make anything should we need it.

Education: No private education should be allowed.  Everything should be publicly, federally funded, the exact same dollar amount spent on the head of every child.  Our society was founded on the beliefs of egalitarianism, that is the idea that we should all have equality of opportunity for life and success.  Education for the masses is that dream realized.

Health Care: Personally owned insurance to promote well-being.  It is not the government’s job to keep you healthy, wealthy or wise, just that you get out the gate at the same place as everyone else.  I suppose that would be complete coverage through age 18 from the government.

Guns: We have a gun culture in this country, and we ought to be proud of it.  However, I draw the line at believing we have a right to it same as religion and speech.  Particularly since we have a volunteer army, so the government is just arming the people anyway.  I feel that longarms and shotguns for sport and skill should be retained for our culture, and the belief that the people are better served to defend against tyrrany on their own soil if they are armed.  That being said, I am damn sure that wars were never won with concealed pistols.

Gays: Free and equal, folks.  Want to argue marriage?  Do it locally, do it by state.  And really, this all should not matter.  I want no one judging me by who I love (or more to the point, who I have sex with), and I sure as heck don’t care what others do.  Bedroom matters are private, for goodness’ sake.

Immigration: Amnesty must be given, and a basic process must be established for earning migrant working permits and eventual citizenship if desired.  Easier to apply and abide by the law, the easier it is to track for safety.  Forced deportation and fining is a bureaucratic nightmare, not to mention the political hell we would be sending ourselves into.

Patriot Act: Burn it.

Abortion: It must be legal to be safe.  People will seek it out, even if illegal.  As with most things in our liberal (classically; read ‘libertarian’) union, choice must be default.  Morality is personal.  I do fully grasp, however, that this is a difficult topic for the sake that, if you believe it is indeed murder, and we have laws based on that morality, then yes, there are issues.

Drugs: Must be un-illegalized.  This is a similar argument as abortion.  Punishment is obviously not a deterrent; the demand will remain.  Want to knock out drugs?  The desire for them must be fought at, and that, my friends, is a cultural problem.  Plus, I am in favor of having vices legal so they may be taxed and we will have floods of money going into schools.

Government’s Role: The job of our federal government, for the most part, should be to build schools, roads, a potent, defensive military, and ensuring the states place nice.  That’s it.

There you have it, for the most part.  As I said, these are very simplified views I happened to list out one afternoon.  If you have any questions, please do ask me.  I love having little extra bits to look into and write about.

Toodles, folks!