To Them

Happy 31st Anniversary to my parents!
I think they’ve both passed the Most Marker now.

What is the Most Marker you ask? You didn’t. Probably best you didn’t, since that would involve talking to your computer. You know it can’t hear you, right?

The Most Marker is the point in your life when you’ve spent more time being one way or doing something than not. Such as turning 32 and you’ll have spent more of your life knowing how to drive than not. Or turning 12 and you’ll have spent more of your life without training wheels than with.

My most important Most Marker already happened. About two months after my son turned 6. At that point I had been his dad longer than not. And I’m coming up on 5 years with my wife, so I’m on my way to that wonderful Most Marker, though quite a ways to go yet.

I love you, Mom and Dad. Happy Anniversary.