Passing the Bucks…

Over the past week, the entire Fryer family over here has gotten sick.  First the boy over the weekend, then my wife, and lastly lucky, lucky me.  And joy of joys, it’s been a stomach flu.  At least with a cold one can pump themselves full of enough pharmaceuticals to get by and sleep hard at night.  But no, I got the bugs strong enough to not be killed off by either of my predecessors’ immune systems.
Basically, what it means for this space is that even the more silly thoughts I post up here have not even been conceived.  Sorry, folks.

Just before becoming ill, though, I decided it might be fun to play around with a Twitter account.  Right now, I’m able to add stuff to it easily, but cannot add it to my sidebar on this site.  So if you happen to be just that bored, feel free to look at the randomness spewing from my head.

Oh, one parting thought: why is it when you’re sick, the sounds of joyful play from children makes you want to feed them to the lions?