Good fer what ails ya…

My apologies for the dearth of posting the past few days.  I’ve been quite sick since Thursday and only yesterday began to feel better.  Since then, I did the foolish thing of having Taco Bell for lunch, and now feel ill again.
It all rather stinks, since I think I had been doing a better job since the beginning of the year of posting about once a day.  That was one of my silent resolutions.  Even if it was simply a bit of nonsense, I wanted to put something up here daily.

Anyway, back to being sick.  I do want to say bless my wife’s heart for letting me be the sick dog I was.  She is now over thirty weeks pregnant and for days straight pulled off the single-parent routine.  I’m sure I’ll make it up to her somewhere down the line.  Maybe I can be less of a dumbass for a week (I can hear her scoff now).

I completely crashed Thursday and Friday nights after work.  I can hardly believe I managed to get myself up and through Friday at all.  But I pulled it off for the sake of having enough sick days for the baby.  Come Saturday, though, I was gone.  I took some of my favorite drug, NyQuil (aka Night Nurse for my British fans), and went to bed right around six and barely got up at all the next day.

Still, the cure wasn’t the NyQuil.  It helps just knock one out enough to let the body do its own work, really.  But the biggest cure was the season of The Simpsoons I just bought.  My oh my how it did make a difference.  I laid in my quiet, darkened room, watched a couple episodes, and passed out.  Nothing beats that kind of cure.

Oh, and tons of chicken soup and drinking lots of water.