The Adventure

To the Adventure, my friend!

I immediately thought these words were a perfect toast. The Adventure can be a simple euphemism for living one’s life. Life is an adventure, enjoy exploring it. Daily living can be frightfully dull at times, often for great stretches. So, “To the Adventure” reminds us to look at the new-to-us parts of life that let us know we are on a personal journey.

It can also be an epitaph. The Adventure is life’s journey, and toasting to it is to celebrate it. Here’s to the Adventure you underwent, and that we could journey together will make me happy the rest of my days.

But, as any little boy can tell you, the Adventure is everywhere. Imagination fueled by Star Trek and Indiana Jones, whole worlds of danger and knowledge stretching out to be found. “To the Adventure” is the rallying cry of the epic. And with the Adventure, the journey is the purpose. Though there may be an end goal (even if nothing beyond wondering what’s there), the point is to get there by wit and will.

So, Gentlemen, raise your glasses, steins, flagons, canteens: To the Adventure!