I Can’t Take It…

And neither can she.  I’m saddened enough by Mr Obama’s loss to that awful Ms Clinton in the New Hampshire primaries.  But to think the scale was tipped by this makes me irate.  At least if the loss strengthens Mr Obama’s abilities to keep trucking through this nonsense all the way to the White House, I’m for it.
I can’t take the hubbub about this.  As much as I love listening to NPR on my drive to and from work, I just cursed and changed the station when they were interviewing the lady who asked the question that apparently ‘brought on the waterworks’.  It was an absurd question.  As phrased this afternoon on the radio, the question was essentially, ‘How do you do it?  How do you stay so wonderful?’

Fuck.  You.

The question was so obviously planted it might as well have been corn for an ethanol plant.  So much for a candid lunch (as if there is such a thing between politicians and the public).  Even in the slim chance it was not staged, it is still ridiculous.  This was obviously not a serious discussion on anything.

As for the ‘breakdown’, so Ms Clinton got choked up a bit.  That’s it.  She didn’t up and start bawling, and even barely broke her stride while speaking (which again gives me the impression this was well rehearsed.)  This is all a great thing for her to have seen on national news just before an election involving her.  What luck.

Oh, and lastly, the content of her spiel.  This is what I heard amongst her pools of tears and woes of sadness: ‘Why don’t people get it?  Why can’t people see I’m supposed to win this?  Why can’t they tell I’m the best to be President?’

Just so everyone knows, I absolutely will throw my vote to any Republican in the running, including Mr Guliani, if she gets the Democratic nomination.  As much as I loathe what Mr Bush has done to us and the rest of the world at the head of a same-party Congress, I shudder to think of what Ms Clinton would do with a Congress of her party.

I have no problem voting for a woman.  I do have a problem voting for this woman.