Well folks, with my first full year as Dad and host in the world has passed, it meant that I managed to neglect to actually send out our family’s holiday letter. So I will be posting it in its entirety here in lieu of doing it properly. Here’s hoping next year more things will be in order for us to pull it off in the right amount of time. Ta!

Happy Holidays, One and All!

This has been the first year of this Fryer family taking root in Andover, Minnesota. And as such, this then is our inaugural holiday letter.

Michelle began working at Target Headquarters in downtown Minneapolis this spring. It’s a great foot in the door with lots of room for advancement. She also takes the bus into the city, which certainly beats driving down there. How can driving compete with sitting and cruising past people frozen on the freeway, chatting with friends in the morning and afternoon, and being dropped off at the front doorstep?

I am on my second year as a technology paraprofessional (computer guy) at the same middle school I started in. I work extra after-school activities almost every day, and the best has got to be creating and maintaining the chess club for the school. It is a point of pride to be teaching one of the things I loved so dearly when I was in middle school and passing on the joy of playing thinking games and building friendships.

Along with working at a school, I have also begun my first semester of attending graduate school. At Hamline University, I am working toward a Master’s degree in teaching, and during the process will earn a license to become a full-time teacher in Social Studies. It is an exciting prospect to become a teacher; I can’t wait.

Austin has had a great year, and turned the big Four this October. He keeps getting brighter and funnier and more and more capable of doing things himself. And my goodness, he just cannot stop drinking in the world around him, especially certain topics. Ask him if he likes dinosaurs and you will surely get a complete lecture on the eating habits of the Euplocephalus and how they compare to those of the Corythasaurus. And yes, those are real dinosaurs.

October also marked the first year anniversary of purchasing our home. It is hard to believe we’ve lived there for a whole year. What is even more astounding is that the following month, Michelle and I celebrated our first anniversary, having been married on November 11th. Those milestones, along with acquiring a pair of cats, Tyrone and Puma, who insist on besting one another in tests of idiocy, have helped compose our lives as a family that began only a year ago.

The biggest bit of news to date, though, is that Michelle and I are expecting our second child. Just when one thinks our lives couldn’t be more fulfilling, the love grows more than expected. We cannot wait to meet the little one come April, and neither can Austin. He has got big brother written all over him already.

Until then, we will be looking at the world covered in beautiful white snow, thinking of all of you who we love so dear, and pondering the great future yet to come.

Happy Holidays,
Evan, Michelle, and Austin