Carry On Wayward Son

Keep Calm and Carry On
The past six months have been a trial by fire for me. I have never worked so much for so long before. There were numerous times through college where I would work several 14 hour days in a row, but never went beyond a fortnight. And of course never with my own kids to raise while doing so.

I have been moonlighting at a local pizza place since March. My wife would pull tight hours so we could hit the relay as soon as she got home and I would walk out the door. Then I would work until 10 or 11 at night.

Then even when I first started my contract at my new gig, I would work weekend nights. For a month and a half, I had not a single day off. Either I would rush home to barely see the kids before bed or I would have to leave before dinner during precious weekends.

Last night I finished my final shift at the pizza place. The work was fine, the kids I worked with were pleasant, though so obviously green in life. Their views of the world are amusingly different. But I’m glad to be done. I’d ramped myself up to having 3 different employers, and finally, finally, I am down to one.

I’m still amped up, strangely tense and feeling as though I have somewhere else to be. It’ll probably be a week before I finally relax and feel that I’m home once I come home at the end of the day.

It’s exciting to also feel like I have my time back to work on what I want. Along with household projects that got put on hold this summer, this site is at the top of the list. Time and energy and focus to write has be noticeably absent. I have so much room to to refine here, and so very many fountain pen refills and blank notebooks that need to be filled.

I made it through. My feet have been a bit calloused, but the walking on coals has been conquered. And as a bit of a catharsis, I threw out the nasty old shoes I wore while working in the kitchen.